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Business Coach, Confidence Coach, Life Coach, Personal Development Coach, Relationship Coach

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"Leadership is the business of relationships. The world is starved for leaders who inspire authentic connections and trust. Become the rare leader who empowers people with heart, as well as knowledge and skill. Teamwork will escalate while insecurities, communication and difficult people issues vanish like darkness at dawn. Enjoy your leadership legacy when one human candle lights another and another."

About Doris Helge, PhD

Doris Helge, Ph.D. is a Master Certified Leadership and Executive Coach as well as a Relationship Coach. If you’re a female leader, emerging leader or business owner, you’re aware of how much all of your business and personal relationships influence your income, career advancement and leadership confidence.


For over 25 years, Doris has helped people just like you solve their greatest challenges, ranging from gender discrimination and the need to manage your boss to team building and negotiation difficulties. She has also helped hundreds of women build successful businesses.


Doris shares the proven communication and self-advocacy skills you need so you can gain the influence, raises and promotions you want. You also learn how to build strong teams composed of engaged employees who fully trust and support your leadership.


You’ll be remarkably resilient when the benefits of coaching with Doris ripple across all areas of your life. Doris is easy to talk to, supportive, compassionate, nonjudgmental and intuitive. She will help you prevent every “Leadership Trap” identified during decades of her practice as a Women’s Leadership Coach.


Because of her work and her bestselling books, including “Joy on the Job”, Doris has been interviewed on “The Today Show,” CNN and NPR. She previously consulted, coached and presented at corporations as large as Microsoft. Today, Doris works by phone and Skype with clients like you in countries around the world.


Whether you’re struggling with difficult people, leadership confidence, a dysfunctional organization or work-life balance, you’ll gain value from the proven resources at https://WomensLeadershipTips.com


I’m confident Doris can help you achieve your goals. As soon as you’re ready to reach a higher level of success as a female leader or business owner, complete the “Application for a Complimentary Consultation” at https://WomensLeadershipTips.com/application/

Doris Helge, PhD Success Stories

Relationships at Work Empower or Destroy Your Leadership Potential

“Relationships will make or break your success as a leader. It’s very difficult for the supportive, compassionate listener to also be a tough negotiator, share negative feedback and require greater results with fewer resources. If you want to challenge people to reach their potential, you need a leadership coach who can help you develop both your relationship and your leadership skills. Hire Doris Now!”more

         Kelly Richards, Silver Spring, Maryland

Leadership Coaching Gave Me the Leadership Confidence & Skills I Need

“I had wanted to land a leadership position for years but I didn’t feel confident I could get people to follow me. I know leadership is impossible if direct reports don’t trust the person at the top. I read dozens of leadership books but something was missing. Doris’ coaching helped me develop so much confidence and self-trust, plus new leadership skills, that everything turned around. I’ve been in a leadership position now for over a year and a half with excellent performance reviews. Team members tell me how grateful they are that they can trust me to guide them and watch out for their interests. They’re proud to be on our winning team. I highly recommend Doris’ leadership coaching and her relationship coaching. Doris blends the two in a unique way because leadership fails without excellent relationship skills.”more

Nancy Wysock, New Jersey


Relationship Coaching Busted Man’s Blocks to Receiving Love

“I was chasing a woman who treated me badly until Doris taught me how to gain the respect and love I deserve. Doris helped me identify what I really need and want in a relationship. That was a mind-blower because it wasn’t what I’d been chasing. Doris also helped me figure out how to get my needs met. During coaching sessions, I busted each of my mental blocks to receiving love, one by one. As soon as I began truly respecting myself, women treated me with respect. Now, women want me as I am instead of toying with an image of who I was trying to be and then rejecting that imaginary person. My relationships are now so fulfilling that I’ll never backtrack.”more

Raymond Lee, Seattle, Washington

Leadership & Relationship Coaching Shattered Glass Ceiling at Work

“As a woman, I kept hitting glass ceilings at different companies. Even though I always surpassed my job description and volunteered for more tasks, guys with fewer qualifications and achievements kept sliding in front of me when management handed out promotions and raises. Coaching with Doris changed my life. Her holistic approach, including about how women can succeed in male-dominated and male-rewarded environments, revealed the answers that had always eluded me. I’ve been sailing forward ever since and I’ve received raises and title upgrades.”more

Marie Simmons, Brooklyn, New York

Workplace Relationship Coaching Escalated Success, Health & Balance

“I finally understand how to create strategic professional relationships that are so vital for success. Doris taught me how to avoid traps like organizational politics and the go-along-to-get-along thinking that blocks creativity and independent thinking. Because Doris taught me how to respond if I receive inappropriate criticism, I’ve been able to quickly improve threatening situations while avoiding negative marks on my permanent record. Side benefit: After dropping the heavy weight of unnecessary stress at work and balancing my personal and professional life, my body looks and feels great! Doris’ coaching works!”more

         J. C. Grayson, Columbus, Ohio

Proven Leadership & Relationship Coaching Strategy Escalates Success

“My personality is more like an expert than like a supportive leader. I have to make sure my perfectionism doesn’t get in the way when I try to lead people, especially people of the opposite sex. I’ve avoided problems and gained surprisingly good reviews by using Doris’ combination of relationship coaching and leadership coaching.”more

         J. Owens, San Jose, California

Freedom From Sexual Harassment at Work

“I was miserable at work because of sexual harassment. I almost quit a job I loved, other than having to be around a frightening jerk that management didn’t want to acknowledge. After working with Doris, I feel so empowered . . . I even carry my body so much more confidently that I’m absolutely sure no one will ever try to victimize me again.”more

         J. S. Lewis, Dallas, Texas

Do You Want More Confidence, Success or Joy?

“In my first 40 minutes with Doris, she helped me crack the code to confidence, success and joy! I am a huge fan of Doris’ coaching. Work with Doris and overcome YOUR roadblocks."more

     Cathy Nielsen, Independent Consultant, Washington State


Man Trades Relationship Pain for Respect

“I had a pattern of being “the nice guy” that women treated badly until Doris helped me stop trying to gain approval in the wrong ways. Not approving of myself caused women not to respect me. Doris helped me set boundaries and set up a level playing field where both people accept themselves and each other. I said goodbye to relationship pain and hello to healthy, respectful relationships on both sides.”more

         Pat Burns, Chicago, Illinois 

I now come home to the love of my life . .

“After working with Dr. Doris, I now come home to the love of my life instead of to an empty house. How sweet it is!”
–Megan Olsen, Anderson and Morgan, Chicago

I'm now a fully empowered woman!

“With her amazing compassion, intuition and caring, Doris helped me transform the painful parts of my life into the Source of my current happiness and loving relationships. With Doris’ assistance, I became the person I was destined to become. After years of feeling like a victim of my past, I’m now a fully empowered woman. Now I love all parts of me. I’m so strong and self-assured that negative people can no longer knock me off center. Thank you, Doris!”
–Michelle Easton, City of Boston Public Works Department

Our relationship blocks tumbled away!

“Just what I needed. Straight talk about matters of the heart! With Doris’ help, our relationship blocks tumbled away!”
— Marie & Jason Cathcart, Tampa, Florida

Attracted the Perfect Relationship for Me!

“Thanks to Doris, I finally attracted the perfect relationship for me. How sweet it is!”
– Patricia Campbell, Denver, Colorado

I am now surrounding myself with love and positive support

“Doris’ teleclasses and relationship coaching are amaaaa-zing! Now I understand the power and control issues that have kept me from a happy relationship. I am now surrounding myself with love and positive support.”
– Kelly Porter, Costco, Seattle

We were able to move beyond our conflicts

“You’ll be SO glad you love yourself enough to get relationship coaching by Doris. It’s a wonderful step toward more happiness and the loving relationship you want. We thank Dr. Doris every day for how she helped us move beyond conflict and fear into a deep everlasting love.”
– Stan and Mary Ellen Williamson, Chicago, Illinois

I got rid of old relationship pain!

“I was lugging old relationship pain into a new relationship. This was killing any chance for happiness. I took Dr. Doris’ teleclass, “Transform a Painful Relationship Into a Powerful Partnership.” ALL of my work and personal relationships improved. Check it out!”
– Evelyn Jacobson, Media Relations Specialist, Toronto, Canada

Leadership – Relationship Coaching Combination is Essential!

“Doris is the only Leadership Coach or Relationship Coach who understands how essential it is to combine these two fields so you can enjoy happiness and success in all aspects of your personal and professional life.more

Doris’ understanding of human behavior, emotions, personality types and how our brains are hardwired is essential if you want to make permanent change and not continue to repeat old patterns that have been causing you pain because of hidden influences her coaching can help you explore and let go of.

Give yourself the gift of a lifetime! Hire Doris as your coach today!”

         Pat Hollister, Marketing Associate, Allied Systems International 

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