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Can You Get A Woman With Hypnotism?

Man Hypnotizing Woman

Hypnotizing women is not the key to getting her to fall in love with you, or even to move past the "friendzone". The secret to connecting with the one you're falling for is to make sure both parties feel the same way. If she does not want to move past being friends, then no amount of hypnotizing is going to work. The other key to love success is gaining self-esteem in who you are and what you want.

Question posted on my website:

I'm in the "Friendzone" with a girl... If she gets hypnotized, is it possible for her to like me more?

My answer:

Thanks for contacting me. So you and her are friends, and you are hoping for something more. Friendship is the best basis for a love relationship – I can tell you that from personal experience. However, what does she want? Hypnotic suggestions will only be effective if they are consistent with what the person wants. If I suggest to someone that she does not want to smoke anymore, that can only work if she knows cigarettes are bad for her health and if she wants to be healthy. But, if she has come to me just because her boyfriend wants her to stop, she’s not likely to quit.

So if your friend would like to be closer to you but is fearful or perhaps remembering bad experiences from the past, then yes, I can help her get past that. She would need to contact me and tell me what she wants.

On the other hand, if it is you who wants a change in the relationship, the best approach would be for you to boost your self-esteem, your confidence, your feelings of being worthy, your sense of ease and comfort with her, your relationship and with life in general. If you like, we can explore that. 4 Steps to Silence Your Self-Critic, Improve Self-Esteem, & Free Yourself From Guilt & Shame

In the 1950s there were ads in comic books like:


There was a form attached to some of these ads to mail in for a book. I never ordered the book, though it did look intriguing. Every boy’s dream, right?

Now I am told many, many (close to 60) years later that there really was such a book, and that it was written anonymously by Ormand McGill, the “Dean of American Hypnotists,” known especially as a great stage hypnotist, who died in 2005 at the age of 92.

I have an on-line copy of the book, How to Get Girls With Hypnosis. The contents are very interesting. I can imagine a 12-year-old boy receiving it in the mail somewhere around 1955 (in a plain brown wrapper, I hope!), imagining hypnotized females helplessly complying with his every wish.

But the joke was on the reader, the would-be seducer. The entire book is about "S/A Hypnotism" – "Self-Administered Hypnotism" – what we usually call self-hypnosis. The book teaches the reader to take himself into a trance and use self-hypnosis to gain better self-esteem, more confidence and to get over his shyness and discomfort in talking to women. In other words, by doing some work on yourself, you will be able to have normal, relaxed conversations and relationships with women.

Hypnosis is not truth serum, and it won’t work as a way to control other people (unless they want you to control them). It is in fact a consensual process. As I tell my clients, you are always aware, on some level, that you are in a hypnotic state, and if ever anything doesn’t suit you, you will either just ignore it or you’ll come out of hypnosis altogether. The language we use, “I hypnotize you” – an active verb – is inaccurate. In reality, I don’t do anything to you – you do it: all hypnosis is self-hypnosis. The hypnotist is the guide; to be hypnotized you must let yourself be guided. Creating a New Year's Relationship Resolution

Good luck, guys!

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