5 Kid-Friendly 'Date Night' Ideas For Single Parents

single mom and daughter with bubbles
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If you can't afford "me" time, spend some "we" time instead.

Are you a single parent? Too often, the mental stresses of our work day get the better of us. Coupled with the fact that we have to pull double duty of being a mom and a dad, our mental capacity to cope runs thin. Then, pile on school activities and the emotional support our kids need from us, our days expire faster than minutes and soon, January becomes May.

Yes, a lot has been said about single parents needing a break and having "me" time. But I offer a slightly different perspective — our kids can be a reason and a motivation to de-stress.

One of the best ways to blow off steam is to do something childish or silly. It is an escape from reality and it brings a new perspective to our stress-shrouded days. What better excuse to be silly and act like a kid than our kids. Below are five fun-filled and childish date night ideas that you can do with your kids to remind you that inside, we are all still kids:

1. Play a game of laser tag. You can act out your fantasy of being a secret agent or hunt your kids down to get them to … eat their vegetables. Whatever the reason, going into an imaginary world of make believe is what kids do well to escape reality. As parents, we can learn from our kids to do the same.

2. Go bowling. Need to release your aggression? Why not do it by throwing, um, I mean bowling a ten pound ball down an alley at ten pins. You can bowl the ball as hard as you want and watching those pins fly can be a bit freeing.

3. Go sledding. It is well researched that exercise is better than taking antidepressant medication. With sledding you get a nice amount of exercise walking up the hill and the added bonus of a freeing feeling when you're flying down the hill. Cap it off with a relaxing time afterwards by drinking a cup of hot chocolate. Keep reading ...

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