Healthy Habits for Living Longer


Current research shows that people are getting more comfortable with aging.

Stay Healthy to 100 and Beyond

Is that possible? Yes, there are breakthroughs that show that we can age healthily with healthy habits and options to get us there. In the last century the average life expectancy at birth in the US was 47 years. Today many of us can live twice as long. However, some people tend to believe that aging is a disease that they can't control and one that strips them of their independence and satisfaction.

Current research shows that trend of thought is changing. "As we age, our bodies' ability to effectively generate and utilize energy declines, which may rob us of youthful vitality." This loss of vitality is one of the first signs of aging as reported in the article,

We now have options with a wide variety of choices to shape and create the kind of life we want. Seniors no longer have to think that they have to get weaker each year. If that is their thinking, they are contributing to their own decline if they don't take actions that can help correct vitality.

Many seniors without a disease end up living in nursing homes. This could be avoided with a supervised strength training program of resistance training and weights, that could help double their strengths in as little as six weeks. Other factors such as a healthy diet and walking contribute to seniors staying out of a nursing home. Physical strength especially in the upper body and spine is very important. Strength training improves coordination and greatly reduces the chances of a slip or fall. This is often the event that causes seniors to lose independence. The good news is that strength training is good for all of us no matter what age you start at. Keep reading...

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