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Helping people find the joy in everyday life!

About Diane Spear

Hi!  I'm Diane Spear and I'd like to help you find the joy in everyday life! What does that mean? You may fall into the "I'll-be-happy-when" syndrome: I'll be happy when I find the right partner, get the big promotion, lose ten pounds, buy an apartment, move to ______, get my child into the best school, make my partner live up to his/her potential. Or maybe your life looks good on paper, but you don't have a sense of satisfaction.

What does that feel like? Well, I think you know. It's hard to focus on your everyday activities—work, school, relationship, friends—when you're feeling anxious, depressed, lost in your life, or angry. Maybe you really want to be in a serious relationship and "can't buy a date," while you're watching one friend after the other become engaged. Or you've always dreamed of being a parent by this age. You feel time is running out while you're just on a series of first dates, surrounded by people your age with kids. Or you've worked hard in your career, but you seem on the fast-track to....staying right where you are, while your co-workers are leaving you in their dust. Not the most fun way to go through life!

I've been in practice since 1995 and have worked with people throughout the world who have these struggles, so that they can improve and enjoy their lives. I'd like to help you. 

I'll help you as a couple or individual to learn to see your life realistically, so you can learn to appreciate the parts that are working well, to improve the problematic areas, and feel better about yourself. Have you ever gotten lost driving, because the human or mechanical navigator malfunctioned?! You have to find out where you are in order to get where you want to go. You may have to trace your way back on the map to the beginning to see where you started down the wrong road. You don't have to drive all the way back and re-experience it, but you'll do better going forward if you can see where you are and understand the things that culminated in your being where you are in your life today—the positive things that you'll continue to build on and the negative ones that have led to dissatisfaction and need to be re-evaluated.

When you start to see yourself and the rest of the people and situations in your life realistically, you can begin to step away from dependency and caring what everyone thinks of you and experience the freedom of being true to yourself. Maybe that means stepping out of your comfort zone to try doing new things. Maybe that means looking at love and relationships differently. Maybe that means adjusting your work-life balance or re-tooling your career and cultivating more fun. Whether you're looking for help with relationships, dealing with the the challenges of being a new parent, depression, anxiety, self-esteem issues, substance abuse (your own or someone else's), or general counseling, I'm here to help. 

And I'll help you on that journey with warmth, compassion, and humor.  Yes, humor!  The relationship we develop is not one where you "spill your guts" and I nod and scribble on a pad and ask you how that made you feel. It's a warm, interactive relationship. I talk, as well as listen. (Read more about the process in the "What is therapy like?" section of the frequently asked questions on my website.) And you will learn to find the joy in everyday life! I'm happy to connect with you to see how this can work for you.


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