Anxiety Issues

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3-5 years


New York NY 10004 - United States



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Image Consultant, Psychotherapist, Relationship Coach

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All areas, please inquire



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Love is Possible

About Diana Mandell

I’m a certified dating coach and relationship expert with multiple advanced degrees in psychology and social work. I was given the highest level of authorization for social work in the state of New York. I specialize in helping troubled, depressed, or unlucky singles find and sustain a relationship that frees you and completes you. 
I’ve helped so many people find the perfect partner for them, my clients nicknamed me the Female Hitch.
So here’s the truth, and the basis for my work: Everyone has self-sabatoging TRAPS they fall into when you try to achieve your dating goals.  
When I teach you how to feel comfortable in your own skin approaching someone you’re interested in... and get crystal clear on exactly who you want to attract… you’ll be shocked to discover how quickly you can magnetize people you once thought were out of your league. 
Here’s why:
The foundation of my work starts with YOU. You might not want to hear this yet, and that’s okay, but it’s the only thing preventing you from the dating life you deep down desire. And that's NOT your fault. 
You’re a sum of your experiences dating back to childhood, 99% of which you had no control over.
Once you fix the internal stuff, the high-quality partner you want to attract will appear in front of you immediately... and the course of your dating life will do a drastic 180. 
See, your mind is like a muscle. The more you exercise it with the right thoughts and actions, the stronger it becomes... and the more your ideal partner comes out of “hiding" to be with you unconditionally. 
Before long you’ll wonder why you ever had problems in this area.
And here’s what else: Once you get this internal stuff taken care of in just a few sessions, it transforms the other areas of your life, too: personal, social, financial, emotional, and physical. No joke, my past clients can vouch for that.
So if you want clarity on this like you’ve never had before… if you’d like to be on top of your “game” so the days of a confusing, overwhelming, intimidating dating life are far behind you… then contact me right now and let’s get this solved for you. 
I work with an open and creative but structured approach personalized to you. Our relationship is a partnership, and once we sign up together, as long as you’re motivated, I know you'll start enjoying amazing intimacy with the people you once only looked at longingly from across the room.  
You'll find the love of your life… and a relationship everyone is jealous of.
So stop lacking fulfillment and get the dating life you deserve. I personally promise you’ll be happy you did.

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