The Surprising Way Hypnosis Can Treat Anxiety (& Help You Stop Feeling Stressed)

It may sound unconventional, but here's why it works.

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The physical symptoms of anxiety are frightening. You may feel your heart pounding hard, fast, as if it could beat through your chest. You feel the heavy pounding in your ears, as a warm burning sensation grips and clenches your gut. And then, a suffocating feeling starts to envelop you, as if breathing is almost impossible, almost like air is being sucked from your body.

You are filled with an unexplainable worry that is continuous, racing through your thoughts making rational comprehension impossible.


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According to the American and Depression Association of Americaover 40 million adults over the age of 18 suffer from anxiety every year and only approximately 37 percent suffering receive treatment.

Anxiety can have a devastating impact on our self-confidence, impact our relationships, career, hobbies and physical health. Many people suffering from anxiety also are associated with depression and addictions, as they try and alleviate the symptoms.

If you've tried everything — from meditation to medication — without success, perhaps a more unconventional method might work for you instead.


This surprising anxiety treatment is hypnosis for anxiety.

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Hypnosis may actually be the key that helps deal with anxiety, when other treatments have failed.

Why? Because anxiety itself is just another form of self-hypnosis: You are programming negativity in your brain.


Hypnosis helps reprogram your thinking with a healthier mindset and response, which could be huge for people stuck in a loop of anxiety.

All of the above symptoms of anxiety are felt physically but are generated mentally through thought and neurological brain function. Hypnosis works with your brain, changing the way you perceive situations in the flight or fight stage more appropriately. It also helps you remove blocks or phobias that may trigger anxiety attacks.

A hypnotherapist can help you change your perception of adrenaline you once perceived in some situations as fear to excitement, the adrenaline in the body reacts the same it is telling your brain it is a different emotion. You can also learn relaxation techniques that can aid you, as you start to feel panic begin.

A hypnotherapist will help clear out the negative messages that you are playing and help you create a more positive mindset. Getting hypnosis for your anxiety can also help you learn more positive mind-control behavior, so you can focus your conscious and subconscious mind on actually fixing the behavior that you want to change — rather than just addressing its symptoms.


It creates a life style change consciously and subconsciously, changing the way you think and speak to yourself and about yourself, adding a positive element to your life.

With hypnosis, there is no mind control — just suggestion. So when you try this therapy, it has to be a change you want to make. Your conscious mind knows that you want to work on feeling better, and hypnosis can allow you do the work easier.

Hypnotherapy is a series of reminders that help you reduce and change your brain from experiencing situations as fear and anxiety to a more positive experience. 


It is time to stop living your life in a state of fear and anxiety, choose to take control and change your life now! You deserve to live a happy, confident life!

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You deserve a fresh start — free from stress and anxiety. Contact Deni Abbie to release your feelings of anxiety by trying hypnotherapy today!