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I am Debra Gordy, and for over twenty-five years, I have been guiding women, men and couples to create the marriages of their dreams – in the real world.

I know what relationship pain and struggle is like from life experience, as well as my many years of professional experience with hurting women and men. What I have learned, the hidden wisdom I have gained, and the pathway of my own healing into my happy, fulfilling marriage is described in my forth-coming book, Cinderella Wisdom: A Woman’s Journey of Spiritual Healing to Her Dream Marriage. To be published in 2011, it illuminates the pathway and teaches readers timeless principles and practices, including the beginning principles and practices of Feminine Spiritual Power, for finally getting off the Relationship Roller Coaster, onto the path for creating the loving, lasting marriages most women seek.

Years ago, as I was searching myself for answers to creating my own happy marriage, I was guided to obtain my clinical MS degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. I was also guided to the remarkable healing principles and methods, which have profoundly changed my life. I am now happily married to a wonderful man, who adores me - after previous divorce.

I was also guided in the integration and synthesis of the specific way I work with clients with such remarkably effective results. My two flagship women’s Flourish Life & Relationship Coaching programs, Happily Ever After! The Women’s Program for Getting Off the Relationship Roller Coaster & Creating the Marriage of Your Dreams, and From Crisis to Catalyst: The Feminine Spiritual Power Pathway to Healing from Your Divorce, Rebuilding Your Life & Reclaiming Your Dreams, along with my couple’s program, Creating Joy for Couples! guides women and couples along their personalized journey from relationship pain and struggle into relationship harmony, joy and fulfillment. 

I LOVE helping other women and couples find the answers, and solutions for their own real-world Cinderella Story, and am grateful that I am blessed to guide countless women and couples to find the lasting happiness in marriage that our hearts are seeking.

I hope you will start today, to find the answers and solutions for your own relationship journey from pain to joy, by accepting my gift of a no-cost subscription to my e-newsletter, Creating Joy! the Relationship E-newsletter.