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About Debra Dupree

After nearly 20 years of successful business ownership with 15 employees, times changed.  Laws came and went.  The recession took us to rock bottom along with death and divorce.  I started to pick up the pieces and realized I had some skills, knowledge and insight from these life lessons that could benefit others facing difficult times.  In 2005, Relationships That Matter emerged as a counseling, coaching and mediation service for people facing conflict in their important relationships.

I developed my passion for helping people in tough situations from watching my dad crash and burn as a successful businessman to a lost soul…financially, emotionally, and legally.  I became fascinated with what makes people tick and what drives their behavior.  To make sure I was on a solid foundation, given that I was dealing with people’s lives, I got a few degrees and certificates along the way, finally achieving a doctorate degree in psychology in 2014.

Today, I work with people facing tough times at work and at home, moving their relationships from troubled to cooperative, to live healthier, happier, more authentic lives.

Life presents challenges…through RTM, people learn to craft their solutions through coaching, counseling, mediation and psychological/vocational assessments.

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