How Do Your Daily Choices Impact Your Life?

Every choice me make brings us further or closer to the health, relationships and life we want.


Every choice me make throughout our day brings us further or closer to the health, relationships, level of financial success and lifestyle we want most.

Every choice we make gives us a new opportunity to learn, grow and evolve…or stay stagnant, small and stuck.

Every choice we make opens the door to a new way of thinking, acting and behaving…or pulls us further into an old belief system, pattern or way of living that no longer serves us.


Every choice we make is a decision to move forward…or stay behind.

Each day we make hundreds of choices. We choose what we wear, what we eat, how we relate to those around us, how we care for our bodies, our minds, our spirits, how we “show up,” how we nurture ourselves and those we love and so much more.

For most of us, so many of these choices are so habitual, we fail to recognize them as a choice at all because we don’t even realize we’re making them. So, with this in mind, here are a few key areas in your life where daily decisions are continuously being made. I invite you to take a look to see how those daily decisions are moving you closer or further away from the life you truly want.


Nutrition-what food choices are you making? Are you filling your body with real, whole, nutrient rich healthy food or processed, nutrient void, calorically dense “sub food?” Are you choosing to fill your body with chemicals, toxins, substances and ingredients your body is unable to recognize, metabolize and process? Imagine a few years into the future. If you continue with the choices (including the portion sizes and eating behaviors you currently have) how will these choices impact your body? Will they lead to a lean, fit, healthy body filled with energy and vitality or will they possibly lead to weight gain, sluggishness, ill health, conditions, even disease?

As far as fitness is concerned, are the choices you’re making creating a lean, toned, flexible and strong body? Note how active you are and the way you move throughout your day. As a result of your daily activity (or inactivity) are your muscles, tendons and ligaments becoming stronger and more pliable? If you were to continue with your current level of activity, how will your body look and feel years from now? Will those choices keep you healthy, keep you flexible and improve your quality of life because you’ll be able to maintain your health, strength and stamina?

How do you relate to those your love? Is your current method of communicating bringing you closer or further away from having loving, positive and supportive relationships filled with love, fun and intimacy? Are you expressing yourself in a way that if you continue, over time, would your relationships improve…or become strained? How about with friends, associates, coworkers and acquaintances? Take a look at the current way you speak, handle and sustain these relationships. If you continue making the same choices as to how you’re currently communicating, over time will they thrive…or fizzle?

Are the daily actions you’re currently taking to grow your business leading to more opportunities, more prospects, more deals, better relationships with your clients and better financial results? Are those daily actions growing your business, your platform, your reach, client base and reputation…or keeping you from moving forward? Are your daily activities productive and bringing you closer to the type of business and financial success you want? Are the daily choices you’re making supporting your career growth? Taking the same choices you’re currently making and looking a few years into the future, will those choices have helped…or hurt your chances for financial and career success?


Personal development
Every day we’re filling our minds with things that enable us learn and grow or things that keep us stagnant. For example, what TV shows are you watching and what messages are you allowing into your mind? Are you watching violence, vulgarity or listening to gossip, negativity, criticism and judgment? If so, over time how will these daily choices have impacted you? On the other hand, if you chose to only allow positive messages into your mind, can you see how this choice will impact you later on? For example, if you’ve made the choice to take 10 minutes each day to read, meditate, journal or learn something new, what impact would that choice have created in the future for you as opposed to a daily decision which may currently be filling you with negativity and fear?

Lifestyle-relationships/stress control
When it comes to your lifestyle, are the current choices you’re making creating a lifestyle that’s filled with joy, passion, purpose and fulfillment…or stress, overwhelm and unhappiness? Take a look at the small, daily actions you’re taking in regards to how you spend your time. Are those choices leading to greater joy and happiness or is the time filled with tasks you find unsatisfying, unrewarding, unproductive and unfulfilling? Take a look at the daily stressors in your life. You’re making a choice as to how you act and react to every one of them. Are those choices creating the health and wellness you want or will they leading to stress related issues and overwhelm?

All of the questions above are meant to create awareness as to how seemingly small daily actions, compounded over time bring huge results. Unfortunately, we don’t see the impact of those small daily actions until they’ve lead to a profound result…good or bad. I invite you to “course correct” any small daily actions that may possibly be leading to a negative outcome. Of course many things are out of our control but if there’s one thing constantly within our grasp, it’s our right to choose the thoughts, behaviors, actions and habits that lead us to wherever it is we want to go.


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