Why You Should Not Hope To Find Love

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Maybe it's time you replace hope with faith that you will find the man of your dreams.

So you discovered your core beliefs, have done your forgiveness work and religiously listened to your meditations in hope that something will work to attract your true love. You bravely go to singles events and date online hoping that he will be there. Each month that goes by, your hope starts to wane and you feel like all this positive thinking is just not working.

Maybe the problem is hope itself. When you hope for something, you leave the door open for it not to happen. You think it could happen, but you aren't convinced until it does. You really don't believe he is out there, but you hope you are wrong.

When you simply hope for change, it is very difficult to attract what you want. It takes much longer because the doorway to failure is open, allowing the draft of disappointment, impatience and discontent to flow through your mind. Your hope is clouded with other unfavorable possibilities and the horrible thought that you could be alone forever. 7 Ways You Can Learn To Love Your Body

In order to shift your energy and create powerfully using the law of attraction, you must abandon hope and replace it with faith. Faith is saying that you are absolutely sure that your ideal partner is out there. You will find your true love, you will feel more confident, and you will achieve your goals and dreams. With faith you have a certain conviction that is much more powerful the flimsy desire associated with hope. You truly believe —  without a doubt — that love will find you.

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