Why Do Married Men Pay For Sex?

Do you suspect your husband is hiring hookers?

Why Do Married Men Pay For Sex? [EXPERT]

He picks up the phone, gives his credit card information and begins to talk to her. His intentions are to get a quick release, and then go about his business.

As he begins to talk to her, she becomes more interesting. Her words are not just sexual but make him feel connected. The phone calls then become more regular and lengthy; some calls don't even involve him having a sexual release. He finds himself connecting with her, maybe even wanting to see her.


This man may be any woman's husband who has lost a connection with his wife. He may still be having sex with his wife, but has lost the intimacy involved, the love, understanding and caring. He is lonely but does not even realize it; this call girl on the other line makes him feel better about himself. She listens to him, compliments him and makes him feel like a man with her intimate words and sexy sweet voice.

In this day and age where marriage often becomes the last relationship that couples work at, it slowly erodes over the years. The couple has children, a job, responsibilities, bills, and no time for the marriage itself. Women have the advantage over men when it comes to connections in their lives; they have other women to talk to, hug, cry with, and laugh with. Men on the other hand don't have those same connections with other men. Often times they have no other person in their life but their wife that they open up to emotionally with.


When a husband loses his connection with his wife, he will begin to feel alone and seek out the emotional intimacy through sex that he will pay for through in a call girl, strip clubs or other women. Got A Bizarre Sexual Fetish? There's A Dating Site For That

Many times these encounters are really about a husband needing the intimacy, the closeness, but not understanding how to achieve this with his wife anymore. The responsibility is on both a husband and wife to communicate with each other, and take the time to make the marriage a priority.

If you find that you are a man feeling this way, take the time to work on your marriage, set up a date night with your wife. If you are a wife and feel your husband slipping away, do something about it, take the initiative. It does not take much to schedule time in your calendar for each other every week, but it will take everything when it has gotten to the point where your husband is paying for sex with a call girl.

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