Male Chastity The Truth Behind The Belt And More!

He has been a naughty man and needs to be put into chastity, because he is not pleasing me...

Male Chastity The Truth Behind The Belt and More!

Can you imagine that this handsome man would want you to put him in a male chastity device and control his orgasm?

This may sound barbaric or even unrealistic that any man would want this, but to some couples it can be a way to add excitement to their sex life. 

Male chastity is one topic that is not often talked about or exposed.  The reason why is that there is such a psychological component to it that is difficult to understand.  Sexuality is not just about a physical release but to some people who like to have their minds stimulated along with their body they crave more advanced sexual play.


Placing a man in chastity can give the woman control over his orgasm, but not only that it can be a way for the man to be dominated.  He knows that he cannot touch himself even if he wanted to, and now he is left with pure sexual energy that he has to channel into his work day.

Denial of orgasm for a period of time is more psychological than physical.  Men have expressed to me as a clinical sexologist that just knowing the device is on them gives them the ability to concentrate better at work and become more successful at what they do.

Some men that have experienced erectile dysfunction in the past or a fear of not being able to please their partner sexuality, find that by wearing the device is their punishment.  The reality is that the punishement is also their excitement.  Men have practiced denial of orgams for centuries, but understanding the reasons why they do it is not always understood, even from the person who may be practicng it.


The human body and how people release their sexual energy is not entirly about the end result of the release but the tease of getting to the orgasm.  Male chastity is just that, a tease for many men, and for some a way to escape the pressure of performace in the bedroom. 

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