I Love My Wife But I Want To Cheat

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I love my wife but I want to cheat with other women

There are men that think about cheating and it may not be all the time or it just may be because they are going through a rough patch in the marriage, but in many instances it is more normal than one may think. Men think about sex often and the thought of having sex with another person is part of being human in both men and women.

The intense sexual urges that some men feel especially when they may not be sexually intimate with their wives can add to their thoughts about cheating even more. Understanding that this is normal is not to say that it is acceptable or a man should act on his feeling, but it is still a fact.

Staying monogamous with one person for life is not a natural human trait. In fact there is nothing natural about it, but as humans we have the ability to make a choice to stay monogamous in our marriage but, it takes work. It is not just a given that once a person marries they all of a sudden don't have those natural feeling to mate again. Read more

This article was originally published at Squidoo. Reprinted with permission from the author.