The 6 Week Sex Challenge In Your Marriage “New Year’s Resolution"

The 6 week sex challenge in your marriage “New Year’s Resolution"

Take the 6 week sex challenge in your marriage and see how you compare to others, can you make the sex in your relationship better in just 6 weeks. As a clinical sexologist and relationship counselor I am going to give you the tools and home assignments to better sex in just 6 weeks. The most important part is to follow the rules, and keep the lines of communication open.

Let’s face the facts, most relationships over time especially marriage, the sex gets boring

To get started on your New Year’s Better Sex Resolution:

The rules: Each person takes a turn, this is the most important part of the home assignments. Taking turns initiating the experience, setting up the room and being the one to do the touching. The next important rule is when you are the one initiating the assignment (you’re turn) when you touch your partner, it is because it brings you pleasure. This means that you must be “mindful” focus on the feel of their skin, how it makes you feel, and the energy that you pick up, the sensation in your body. The last rule is no talking unless it gets too uncomfortable, but moaning and sounds of pleasure are acceptable until we move on to more advanced assignments, where talking is allowed. Talking should take place after the exercise exchanging what it felt like for each person, what felt good and how to improve on touch in other areas, always keeping it positive. Each exercise should take between 20 and 50 minutes.

Week #1 lay on your stomach and the partner in charge touches your back, with hands or lips, light touch, massage, rubbing hair kissing is all acceptable, but no touching of the genital area on this exercise, this is about creating trust and intimacy. No expectations for orgasm and no intercourse!

Week #2 Depending on how week one went then this week starts off on the back nude with the front exposed and the same applies as above, kissing lips, neck can be part of it, again this is to create trust and intimacy, also to get in touch with each other on a deeper level.

Week #3 Laying on the back again, now it is time to touch, rub and caress the front and then slowly involve the breasts, vulva, penis, and other erogenous parts of the body, no pressure to please each other but to enjoy the exchange of energy, if an orgasm happens then it does but not to be expected. Always make sure to talk about the experience with your partner after.

Week #4 The person in charge now gets to tell the other partner what they may want them to do in the bedroom such as wear an outfit, touch themselves, or talk about how they want to please them in a sensual way, they can even ask the other person to touch them, if comfortable the couple can masturbate in front of each other.

Week #5 If all is going well and both partners have gone through the first four steps with no problems then, this week begin to explore each other in a deeper way, using your hands, tongue, lips, fingers, teasing, playing, and if both partners want being each other to orgasm. Take the time to explore each other’s bodies.

Week #6 Take turns now with the touch, tease, sex play and both being more open with each other about your turn-on’s. Penetration can take place, intercourse, but this is not the main attraction, it is part of the intimate exchange. Along the way talk about your feeling after each exercise, open up and guide your partner in a positive loving way.

Good luck and write back and let us know how you did!

This article was originally published at The Examiner. Reprinted with permission from the author.