The 5 REAL Reasons Why You Can't Orgasm

What's really wrong with you?

The Truth To Why You Can't Orgasm weheartit

The orgasm. The toe-curler. The knee-trembler. The climax. There are tons of names for the pinnacle of sexual experience, but no matter who you're with, how amazing they are in bed, and how hard you concentrate, you just can't orgasm. It's driving you crazy, and you want to know why.

I'm about to reveal the five main reasons you're not able to climax with a man, and these may shock you. In fact, what I'm about to share with you is very controversial. The truth is going to rock your world and will change the way you think about sex forever.


Even more shocking is that none of the reasons have anything to do with your physical body. They have nothing to do with the actual dynamics of your body. If you went for a full medical exam, everything would be in the right place, and each component of your sexual organs would be in full working order.

1. You're in your head.

You can never relax. You're constantly thinking and worrying all through intercourse. "Is he enjoying it? Do I smell good? How long will it take?" You overthink everything and you just can't let loose.

2. You're in your head.

Yep, number 1 and 2 are the same. You worry. You analyze. You panic. You second-guess. You can't let go no matter how much you try.


3. You're in your head.

That's correct. Three is the same as 1 and 2. And guess what? The explanation isn't that much different, either. You're in your head. For whatever reason, you're now so convinced you can't orgasm and that no man can help you climax no matter how hard he tries. 

You've programmed your body so that it can only orgasm by using a vibrator or by masturbating. Your mind is now controlling your vagina. You need to wrestle back control.

4. You're in your head.

No surprises. You're in your head. You believe that no matter what, you can't orgasm. You stay locked in your head because you're convinced you can't, so there's no point in trying.


5. The last reason you can't orgasm: You're in your head.

And I bet you're starting to think, "Damn, David's right. I'm stuck in my head." You might even be a little mad at me. Maybe you're getting defensive and telling me all the reasons you can't climax, and that it's not your fault. Stop it!

You are in your head. That's it.

You're never going to reach climax with a man until you escape your mind and start enjoying the sexual connection. Stop asking yourself if you smell and look good, stop wondering if your man is enjoying himself, and stop trying to force an orgasm. You're putting too much pressure on yourself.


I hope this gets you thinking and triggers something in your mind. Stop telling yourself you can't orgasm and just enjoy the experience. I bet it won't be long until you do orgasm.