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Dear Men: Here Is Why Single Mothers Make The Best Girlfriends

There's one group of women I really appreciate, and that's Moms; especially single Moms. The other night I went out for dinner with a couple of clients, and my friend John Keegan. You've probably seen John in some of my YouTube videos. He's an amazing coach and works with me from time to time. We were hanging out at this place called "Café Gratitude" in Venice. It's one of those vegan places, where everyone hugs each other and spends hours in deep conversation. These conversations tend to be interrupted by some who's on some kind of angel path, and the conversation gets really strange. Anyway, while we were there I noticed a group of four women finishing their dinner. They were about to leave, but before they did I walked on over and started talking to them. I wasn't out looking for a date, but something about the group made me want to meet them. I introduced myself and started talking about some of the things the boys at my table were going through.

The boys had been debating relationships, and I thought I'd get a female point of view on things. It turned out these women were all single mothers. I had no clue any of them had children until they told me. They just looked like four beautiful women and I wanted to converse with them. As it turned out, mothering is exactly what my boys needed. After talking to them a few minutes I decided to get them back to our table. "Come and join us. My boys need some advice." I suggested. It was amazing watching these mothers nurturing my guys back to "health."

It's so interesting because men and women are such different energies. Women are nurturers by nature, but these single mothers were amazingly nurturing. When you think about it, since the cave man days, man's job has been to protect and bring home the sabre tooth tiger, while women are the carers. A woman has to congratulate the man for bringing home the sabre tooth tiger, and then pamper him, telling him he's strong and wonderful, so the next day he heads out again like Pavlov's dog to go hunting again. So it was great fun for me watching these four beautiful women nurturing and caring for my men.

One of my clients was busy going through a break-up, and I watched all of these women listening to him, hanging on his every word, and giving him advice with a caring hand on the knee from time to time. I looked at one of the women and said, "He's a sweet guy isn't he?" "He's adorable," she replied. Then at the end of the night they all gave him a huge hug goodbye as only a mom or single mom could, before going on their way. That's one reason I especially appreciate moms. They really know how to love, open their hearts, and listen. They have to, because they're always switched on to a crazy screaming baby, toddler, or teenager who needs attention 24/7.

So here's to all you beautiful mothers out there. I respect you, and I honor you. And to all the amazing single moms out there, take your nurturing energy and keep nurturing men, because one day the right man will appreciate every little bit of your caring soul.

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