Your Battery-Operated Boyfriend Is Awesome (And That's A Problem)

Are you spending too much time with your vibrator?

good lovin'

Let's face it. So many people are sexually frustrated in this world, women especially. For those of you in a relationship, I want you to be honest. How good is your sex life?

How many times a week are you having sex and when you do, how often is it satisfying for you? For those of you that are single, how many of you took on a lover this year? Or how many of you decided to just use your vibrator instead?


That's where the issue is.

So many of you are shopping for new sex toys instead of shopping for a new man toy.

We have become a society of substitute lovers. So many women I know are just so happy their vibrator exists. They say their vibrator keeps them out of relationships and keeps them from sleeping with the wrong guy.

We've become addicted to our sex toys. If you Google "sex toy," you'll find a ridiculous array of toys available so you can please yourself 24/7.

There are female and male sex toys that vibrate, that rotate, that are shaped exactly like a man (or a woman). There are vibrators that you can actually put in your panties and use a remote control at the office.


So many women have become vibrator dependent and vibrator addicted.

I think vibrators are great and they're fun, and I've played with women with vibrators. I think it's great you can get yourself off that way.

But the reality is that we've become so dependent on our sex toys that it prevents us from meeting somebody.

Vibrators are quick and easy. When you needed to masturbate with your hands, you needed to work, to work yourself up, to turn yourself on. Vibrators are instant. And that's the problem.

We rely so much on our vibrators, that it takes us away from having human interaction. We've become a society obsessed with toys, iPhones, vibrators, all substitutes for human contact.


Maybe this year, you need to put away the vibrator and go shopping for a man so you can connect with another human being and have really great sex. 

It is time we became less toy dependent and more human dependent. That's just my take on it.