How To Give Yourself The Gift Of Happiness This Christmas

Every day I wake up, and I use a magical trick to know how to be happy. Since it's the holiday time, I will share some of my inner Santa Clause with all of you. I've recently been meditating in the morning when I wake up. 

Part of meditation is to set an intention for the day. It's funny, because meditation to me is sitting there in a chair and trying to calm down the mind because my mind never stops. The funny thing about it is, I've always set an intention every day anyway. I believe a day without intent is a lost day.  It's like the universe can't hear what you're saying. It seems like everything goes crazy when you don't make an intention for the day. When I wake up every day, I have always done this specific mantra. You've probably heard me talk about this before. 

"Another gift to unwrap. Another beautiful day to explore. Another day full of amazing surprises. An amazing gift that I get to open." To me, life is a gift. So, my intention has always been to explore each day to its fullest. I don't know what today's going to bring. You never do. Sure you may have a set an action plan. You may have a to-do list. You may have plans with friends at night. You may have meetings, but in reality, you don't really know what is going to happen on any given day.

Every day is a surprise, so set a powerful intent that you're going to embrace the surprises and look for the little gifts that are being delivered. Remember, not every gift is going to be as obvious as that big box under the tree that Santa delivers or that giant Lexus with the bow on it. Most gifts in life are small, little things most people don't even recognize. Most people miss the gifts in life, because they're busy doing other things. Constantly looking at their phone. Not aware. That's when the big gifts come.

So, you need to set an intent every day. The intent is to notice everything. When you're out driving, sitting at a stop-light, instead of looking at your phone to check an e-mail or a text, look around you. As a matter of fact, right now I'm sitting at a stop-light. As I dictate this I'm noticing people walking around with Christmas bags. Noticing a woman who's about to lose her hat in the wind. 

I want you to become more aware. If you set that intent every, day, and you start to notice the little things, they will bring you the most gifts every day. We don't need Christmas to have gifts. Every, single day life is willing to give you is a gift. These small gifts are the ones we miss, especially in our social life. I have found that the less I think about wanting to meet somebody and the more open I am to seeing the little gifts in life, the more these gifts appear every single day.

Self-awareness is the best gift and the best intention you can give yourself his holiday season. Slow your life down. See the magic that's been given to you, and set that as the power of intention for you. And watch your whole life change for the better, every day.