How To Keep The Passion Alive

Keep The Passion Alive: Tips From A Relationship Coach

Picture this: you're in a long-term relationship. Things have been going great — you take care of each other, love each other's company and have settled into a cozy routine. You couldn't be happier ... except for one thing: these days, sex happens about as often as a lunar eclipse. You don't want your relationship to go south, so what can you do to get the flames of passion burning again? Here are a few ideas to help you rekindle your lost romance:

1. Surprise him with a special date. If you have children, call in a babysitter. Go out and really paint the town like you did when you first met. Wear something glamorous, put on that perfume he loves, and keep that darn iPhone in your handbag! Constantly checking our social media, emails and texts gives the impression that we're not interested or invested in our company, and that's definitely a romance-killer. If you don't fancy going out anywhere, have a date night at home. Make his favorite food, and turn down the lights.

Wherever you have your date, be sure to flirt! Flirt like you used to. Hold his hand. Rub feet under the table. Stroke his leg. He won't be able to keep his hands to himself before long!

2. Set up a special treasure hunt where you're the treasure. This is one of my personal favorites. Here's what to do: book yourself a room at a hotel. It doesn't even have to be an expensive one; you can get plenty of special deals at local places. Then send your man a text telling him to go to the nearest wine or spirits store. Instruct him to pick up a couple of bottles of his favorite wine — and tell him to text you once he's done it.

Next, tell him to come to the lobby of the hotel and to let you know when he's there. When he arrives, finally let him have your room number, and get him to knock three times on the door. That way you'll know it's him. The key here is to build the anticipation and keep a bit of mystery: don't give all the details away at once!

When he gets to the room, you'll have candles burning, music playing, a bubble bath ready ... and you'll be wearing something sexy. Tell him tonight is all about pampering each other, and he's in for a treat because he found the treasure… you! I promise you, that night is going to be all about passion and reconnection with each other.

3. Once a week, set up a special relaxation night. Take turns so one week he has to pamper you, and the next you have to pamper him. Come up with an array of treats like a special bedroom picnic, a sexy game of strip poker, a sensual body-to-body massage or a game of dress up. The goal is to do things your partner likes when it's their week to be pampered: if he hates watching chick flicks, don't suggest you treat him to the newest rom-com.

Let your hair down with each other and have a good time. Love should be about connecting and enjoying each other. It's all about keeping your relationship, fun, fresh, and sexy. These are just three very simple tips for spicing things up. I'd love to hear some of your ideas. Let's talk and share in the comments section!

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