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Ladies! 3 Things You NEED To Know About The 'Alpha' Guy

Alright, ladies I've been reading all the emails you've been sending and what I'm hearing is most of you are attracted to alpha men. I hear you. I really do. And I feel for you. If I was a chick, I would definitely be attracted to the alpha guy too.

But here's the deal — about 10% of the world's population is alpha men. You've heard me say that before, so I want to make sure you understand it. Only 10% of the men are alpha men. Now I want to go deep into the mindset of the alpha male.

1. An Alpha Male Knows He Has Choices.

An alpha male walks into a room and knows all of you are looking for him. He sees the beta men all standing there, elbowing each other and acting insecure. An alpha male can read energy really well. When an alpha male walks into a room, he scans the room from side to side, front to back, and makes a list in his brain of who he wants to claim.

It's usually a short list, anywhere from one to four women. Most women will smile at him. He knows that. He also knows he has the choice and the power to get any woman he wants. He's an alpha male.

His personality is all based on knowing that he can have what he wants and how to get it. So when he goes into a room and he hasn't approached you within the first 10 to 15 minutes, don't freak out. He'll go by all the women he targets and he'll say something to them to intrigue them. You can watch him work the room. 

But if he hasn't hit you in the first 15 minutes, he's not going to. It doesn't mean that you're not beautiful, it doesn't mean that you're not attractive, it doesn't mean that you're not sexy, it doesn't mean you couldn't rock his world and it doesn't mean you don't deserve a great guy. He just doesn't feel it. 

So there's no reason for you to kickback and wait.

2. Chances Are, He's A Player.

Most alpha men during the course of their lives have been major players. They understand they can get any woman they want, so if something doesn't go right with the woman they're dating or a woman plays too many games with them, they're done. 

They're over you really quickly; I'm sure you've felt that. I'm sure you have hooked on to an alpha guy, played some type of stupid game with him, and all of a sudden he vanished as quickly as he came in to your life.

The reason is why should he bother with your childlike games when he knows he can go get any woman out there? He's not going to play any games. Alpha males are blunt. 

As alpha males age, they become even better mates because they have played every single game and they're more upfront. When they compliment, they mean it. As for the younger alpha guys? They'll probably compliment you because they want to get in your pants. 

3. The Best Thing For You To Do? Nothing. 

So you're just along for the ride, and you think to yourself, "There's got to be something I can do to nail down the alpha guy," Luckily for you, there is.

  • An alpha guy is intoxicated by physical attributes.
  • An alpha guy loves his sports.
  • An alpha usually loves money.
  • An alpha guy likes his clothes. 
  • An alpha guy likes sensations.
  • An alpha guy usually has the love language of physical touch and words of affirmation.

I'm going to go through how to nail an alpha guy and how to keep an alpha guy in another article. This is all about you understanding the dynamics of the alpha guy. 

There are so many great guys in the background. If you are not being picked by Mr. Alpha, you need to take control of your dating life. There are a lot of guys who study self-help. I call them the alpha wanna-be's.

These are the guys that are in that same room as the alpha guy. They know they can never compete with Mr. Alpha, so what they do is they wait for the alpha guy to choose which woman he wants before the beta makes a choice.

Once the alpha guy chooses the woman he wants, the beta guy will be as alpha as he can possibly be. You may have to encourage him a little bit. See he's the guy who's in the back of the room waiting for the alpha guy to choose his woman because he knows he can't compete.

I realize the idea of a complete alpha is more appealing, but every man has an alpha waiting inside him. Usually the love of a good woman can bring out the alpha. You can't change a man, but you can encourage him to be his best self.

Have you ever have a friend start dating a guy you thought was a total loser? A few weeks later you see this same friend and her boyfriend is now a man. He's considerate and handsome and date-worthy.

That's what a little encouragement can do. A beta can become an alpha. Beta's looking to become alphas have studied self-help programs; they’re the ones trying to master the skills. He knows he's a beta, but he knows he can be an alpha at times. All he needs is a few signals from you.

Signals like smiling at him, saying hello. That unleashes his inner alpha that's been hidden the whole time. Stop waiting for the alpha guy. If an alpha man does not choose you at a market, at an event, or anywhere you are, take a look around and realize there's a great man out there for you. 

I'm not saying that you're not going to end up with an alpha guy, and I'm not saying the beta guy you choose isn't alpha yet. You just have to give him a chance.