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Men And “Bad Sex”

Today I would like to dispel a lousy rumor; one that persists despite the fact that it is not now, nor ever was true.  I’m talking about, of course, the idea that to men there is no such thing as “bad sex.”  This is absolutely false.  We do recognize bad sex.  But like lite beer and arena football, we will grudgingly embrace it if it’s the best of our readily available options.  Because what is equally true is that most men feel that some sex, even that of inferior quality, is better than no sex at all.

Now I know that some of you are thinking, “Wait.  Guys almost always have orgasms.  How ‘bad’ could sex be if they’re erupting all over the place?”  Good question.  And frankly, it’s easy to understand your confusion, because, for you, orgasm is indicative of achieving a certain level of sexual excitement that doesn’t always happen.  Not true for us.  For the most part, we consider sex and ejaculation almost synonymous.  One naturally follows the other.  Like night following day, or summer following spring, or flatulence following a chili cook-off, men are used to orgasm being the dependable conclusion to any sexual interlude.  And with rare exceptions this is the case…for us.  Men rarely begin a sexual activity wondering if they will climax.  We may worry about being unable to get or maintain an erection.  We may fret over coming too soon.  But we feel pretty confident that if we can get it up and get it in, getting it on will lead to getting us off.  It’s that simple. 

What this all means is that, for guys, our climax doesn’t indicate we had good sex, it just indicates we had…sex.  And for most of us, that, in and of itself, is a positive thing.  We still recognize different qualitative levels of sexual encounters, but we’re so thrilled to be having sex with someone other than ourselves that we rarely, if ever, bring up the issue, unless it’s to compliment you on your performance or the remarkably hospitable temperament of your vagina (though we probably won’t use those words).

So don’t expect to ever hear us complain or rate our sexual experience with you as less-than-stellar.  We’re smart enough to know that a critique or constructive criticism is less likely to lead to better sex, and more likely to lead to the unmistakable thud of your thighs slamming shut – never to be reopened in our presence again.  It is a sound that creates terror in our minds, emptiness in our hearts, and inconsolable sadness in parts below.  So do guys ever really have “bad sex?”  With others, perhaps, but never with you.

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