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About Sally Landau

Hi, I'm Sally Landau, a dating coach in California. I work with women over forty (at least those who are willing to admit it) who hate to date and want a mate. Additionally many of my clients are not single and instead find themselves struggling inside rocky relationships, some romantic, others friendship, work-related, and family as well.

Why do people come to me?  Some woman peek into their future and having not had success in relationships, they fear they’ll be alone for the rest of their lives.  Some dread dating and understand I have ideas to make it not only possible, but fun.  Others have no clue how to begin dating, whether or not or how to navigate dating websites, and where to find appropriate and appealing candidates. Some can’t get to that first date; others can’t get past their third. Many want to understand themselves better, become aware of how their words and actions land, and to learn to take responsibility for their participation in relationships…..instead of living in a world blame.

To simplify, I begin with introducing my clients to themselves. If we’re honest, while dating can and ought to be fun, it’s also a form of sales.  Gotta like your product or service if you want to have success in dating and relationships.  I have a light approach to all things relationship.  Dating is better if taken with a spoonful of sugar and laughter.

Having majored in psychology, co-managed an architectural firm for 25 years, endured hundreds hours of self-help seminars, and since 2001, a certified life coach, I am now a highly qualified, often quoted relationship coach. I lecture, coach, blog and I believe in my company name, Dating Can Be Fun. I proved this a few years ago when I went on 46 first dates in six months with quality men (incidentally, these were L.A. guys), and while I kept hearing dreadful and time-suckingly awful dating stories, my personal experience with dating was fun. I had a blast dating! Hint:  it's a lot about attitude-shifting.  And I think flirting is a reason to get up in the morning, and wish more people were willing to engage in this kind of non-sexual banter. I help my clients know and love themselves, focus on who they are really seeking in a mate, distinguishing between whom they want and whom they need, and how to play in the moment. I make the process fun, because, dating is supposed to be fun. And, by the way, I've been with date No. 45 since August 2003 and married him in August 2009.

Whether my clients are seeking romance, single or married, friendship or familial, I listen, often hearing what's not said, and can guide you to a new awareness about how you participate in that relationship, and therefore, how to improve it. I coach how to take ownership rather than blame.

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