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Why Being Careful With Cannabis Is Crucial When You're Feeling Depressed

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Why Being Careful with Cannabis is Crucial When You're Down

In the last few years, there has been a wholesale change in the way that people view and look at cannabis. The gradual changes to legality, public perception, and a much more care-free liberal world in general means that many people are more open to the idea of getting high.

However, for many people — not just women — cannabis can have some detrimental effects on your quality of life.

Is it a great source of entertainment? For many people, yes. Is it a source of relaxation and mental freedom? Most definitely in a lot of cases. Is it also a booster for anxiety, introverted thinking, and paranoia? It most certainly can be. 

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Is cannabis good for depression?

While it’s like anything else and down to the person themselves, there is a link to show that cannabis can also be linked to depression in the wrong environment.

Make no mistake, though; the medical proof that now exists in abundance that cannabis can help to combat all manner of conditions and illnesses is not something we dispute. That would be foolish. What isn't quite so foolish, though, is to be alert and aware of the potential link between cannabis and depression.

That’s not to say that it causes someone who is happy-go-lucky to become depressed in one joint. That isn't the case at all. For those who suffer from depression, though, a common solution is to get stoned; to escape reality for a bit and seek solace in the mind. Sadly, it does not quite work so simple as this.

Instead, links showing that those who are already depressed finding their depression getting worse with cannabis do exist. While others show that people who suffer from depression can find that it lifts feelings of gloom, the problem is the lack of universality.

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It’s almost impossible to say that if you suffer from depression, using cannabis will help or hinder your restoration and recovery.

What we want to avoid, though, is the equally incorrect belief that getting high will leave your depression behind. It might make it worse in the wrong mindset; many problems exist in the links. Some people find it to be very useful for lifting that gloom, others find it to be more or less harmless.

With such little data out there that can conclusively prove this one way or the other, we suggest taking the route to caution. Look around and you can find someone who was super happy until they got high and it ruined them. Look around further still and you will find someone who was a nervous wreck until they got high.

There is no way to say what effect it has on someone; our point is to be cautious.

Don’t expect a miracle cure or expect a descent into madness and depression. There is nothing certain about using cannabis to alter mood and mind; don’t expect a catch-all answer to be waiting for you. It’s down to personal mindset and experience as much as anything else.

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