Luna Beads: Make Your Orgasms Better And Tone Your Vagina

Luna Beads tone your vagina

Lelo's Luna Beads have made headlines with their vaginal weights system called the Lelo Luna Beads. And, they became insanely popular thanks to "Christian Grey" and his love of spanking "Anastasia" while she wore the "sex beads" in side of her vagina in the "50 Shades" trilogy.

Ben Wa balls have been around for thousands of years. Ben Wa literaly means "internal use ball" and you can read all about the history of the ben wa balls all here on wikipedia. In some cultures, ben wa balls are handed down from generation to generation and kept clean and shared from mother to daughter. Probably not so common any longer, but they use to be treated like a family heirloom.

Ben Wa balls and other products like these LELO Luna Beads are designed to help with a few things. Many women, as we age, sometimes have issues with incontinence and sometimes find that we get a little leaky when we sneeze or laugh too hard. Many gynecologists will recommend ben wa balls to women who have experienced child birth to help with vaginal elasticity and bladder control.

So what Lelo did is they took the ben wa ball to the next level. is known for their innovation and their fabulous rechargeable sex toys. Their LELO Luna Beads are like really high tech weighted ben wa balls with a string.

The  marketing description from the website about the LELO LUNA BEADS is this:  " LELO Luna Beads are the sleek and seductive take on the World’s bestselling Ben Wa balls, bringing irresistible pleasures during foreplay and beyond. Perfect for wearing on a night with your partner, the inner balls respond to movements with subtle vibrations, enhancing your feeling for the pleasures to come. More than just building sensations, they also promise an array of health benefits and more powerful and regular orgasms in the future."

What I think is so fabulous about the Luna Beads is that you get two sets of weighted balls. One set is 28grams and the other set is 37grams and they have a silicone holder in which you can insert the balls and use that to insert into our vagina. And, the ball inside the ball actually moves around so you can feel a sort of vibration when you move. (Or are being spanked.) The silicone holder makes it easy to insert and remove the balls when you are done. (Many women worry about the standard ben wa balls getting lost... I should remind everyone that the vagina is a cul de sac. What goes in has to come back out.)

After I got my set of Luna Beads, I started with the lighter beads first and then worked up to the heavier beads. If you want to feel the vibration from the ball inside of the balls, you do need to move pretty rigorously. Use your imagination....  bike riding, dancing, or have them inserted while you are receiving oral sex or while having anal sex. If you are into spankings and bondage, you could certainly insert then before your kinky play as they did in the book.

I found the balls very easy to sanitize, too. And, you can even insert them just one at a time if you don't want to use them with the silicone girdle/holder. There is a mini set and a regular set. suggests the larger beads for women over 30 or who have experienced vaginal childbirth. Not so sure about all of that. I prefer the minis my self and I am 45 years old. But, that is a decision you should make for yourself.

Another use I can suggest for the Luna Beads is to rev up your engine! Some days, we are just NOT feeling it. If you want to get yourself in the mood, why not try wearing them on your next trip to the mall or when you go to the gym. I like the idea of women having to think about something that is inside of their vagina all day long. It's a little bit naughty and it's a great way to think about sex all day long. We all know foreplay starts in the morning in our brains!

We do sell the LELO Luna beads on our very tasteful online romance store and you can buy them here  LUNA BEADS and use the coupon code YourTango for 15% off. You can also buy them on LELO's website and a million other places online or at a local sex toy or lingerie store like mine. (I own a plus size lingerie store called Curvy Girl Lingerie. )

Have any questions about the beads or ben wa balls? Experiences with them? Please comment below and I will reply.

Sincerely, Chrystal Bougon