Why You DESERVE Body Confidence (And Hot Sex) — No Matter Your Size

Your body IS beautiful.

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So you’re overweight and you’re uncomfortable about having sex

You only live once! Have sex. Or at least try. You don’t know what you might miss out on.

I’m sure for most of you it isn’t the actual sex that bothers you, it’s being completely naked in front of even the thought of someone seeing your tummy. Don’t get me wrong, it's scary. There you are completely exposed, everything's out there for the world to see, or at least that's what it feels like. And if you lack body confidence, this isn't the fun, sexy experience you want.


If you’re like most women, you get naked and turn the lights off so fast your partner thinks you have super powers. Then you don’t want him running his hands up and down your skin for fear he will feel something he doesn’t like. So you just get right down to business, no funny stuff. STOP! Let him see your curvy, soft body. Let him run his hands up, down and all over your skin.

Society Has Told Us For Too Long That We're Not Sexy — And They're WRONG

You are beautiful and your body is beautiful. It's so liberating to take back the power. Love yourself and tell society to shove it.

I used feel so uncomfortable being naked in front of people. Even changing in a locker room was awkward. I learned how to cover up and still change under a towel as if it wad a protective shield. I used to never wear shorts or skirts. And you could forget about sex with the lights on. Oh, and if it was daytime and you could see me, sex flat out wasn't going to happen. I'm serious, I would pass on sex if there was any chance to see me naked in any type of light.


Things Changed When I Had My First Orgasm

I was 19, my mom (yes I lived with my mom when I was 19) was gone, the blinds were just opened enough to let in the glow from the street light shine through. I felt so pretty under that light — I still feel pretty under that light. (I honestly think that's why I loved car sex so much.) After that experience, I dated a man much, much thinner than me. I would cover up and feel awkward and he would tell me to stop. I would roll my eyes and tell him, “You don’t want to see that.” He would sweetly pull me towards him, kiss my love handles and tell me, “It’s you, and I want to see you.”

I Took My Power Back

I stopped covering up. I stopped wearing knee length shorts, I would get naked in front of my partners. I would show them me — the real me. The non push-up bra, shaper-less me. I embraced my softer belly, I still gaze upon my curves when I put lotion on after I shower. I tell myself, I’m really cute. Or, My boobs are amazing. 


Try It

Tell yourself things you like about yourself. Don’t talk down to yourself. You're a beautiful being. You wouldn’t let your friends or your daughter talk down to themselves, so don’t do it to yourself. Have sex under soft lighting and get comfortable loving yourself. You are worth it.

Every body from size 0 to 30 is capable of so much pleasure. Don’t let a fear of what society has told you stop you from incredible orgasms. Sex is so much fun! You can have a blast trying out new moves and new techniques. Your partner will also love your new confidence. Half the time most men only see boobs and booty when your naked anyway. So stop worrying.


He's in bed with you — he isn’t going to ask you what pant size you are. He might ask you to take his pants off for him, but he isn’t going to question your body.

Love your body. Be kind yourself. You are beautiful.