13 Reasons Why Women Fake Orgasms


Ever wonder if your woman isn't really getting off? Check out these common reasons she fakes it.

I hear a lot about women who fake orgasms, especially from men who worry that their ladies might be among those who would rather put him on than get off.

Now, I feel similarly to you guys. I don’t think a woman should fake an orgasm. I’m a big advocate of letting go and really getting off. But there are some surprising reasons that many women fake orgasm. Check out this list I compiled from interviewing customers over the years and see if one of them sounds like something you can fix in your own love life: 

1. She may be bored. The stimulation her partner gives her is doing nothing for her.

2. She’s having a one night stand and prefers to get it over with.

3. The relationship is brand new and she’s not yet comfortable enough to let go in front of her partner.

4. She really just wants it to be over because she has somewhere else to be/something else to do.

5. She wants her lover to feel like he’s doing a great job even if he’s not quite getting her there.

6. The act of climaxing is taking too long and her patience is wearing thin.

7. She’s just not that into him.

8. She may have faked it at the start of the relationship, and that came back to bite her because her lover repeats those actions thinking they work for her.

9. She’s taking anti-depressants or drinking alcohol. Certain drugs will often interfere with her ability to lubricate and make it difficult for her to orgasm. Keep Reading...

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