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16 Sexy Conversation Starters PERFECT For A Sexy Text To Bae

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16 Sexting Conversation Starters PERFECT For Those Sexy Text Messages To Bae

Conversation as foreplay? You bet!

There are tons of way couples can connect — or reconnect. In fact, sometimes all you need are your words! Certain phrases can turn up the heat in your relationship faster than you can rip each other’s clothes off.

Read on for sexy messages to text, tweet or email your lover, as well as sweet nothings to whisper in his/her ear. Then start talking and watch the sparks fly!

1. Have I told you how incredibly sexy you are and how crazy you make me feel when we're making love?

2. I want to press my body up against yours so you can feel how excited I get when I'm next to you.

3. Cocktails are on me tonight, then I'm going to let my animal instincts take over and make mad, passionate love to you

4. I'm having a crappy day, but the thought of coming home to you and wrapping my arms around you makes everything o.k. I worship you!

5. I was thinking tonight we should feed each other some dessert... something sweet that I could lick off your body. You in?

6. I can’t stop thinking about how much I want to softly kiss your neck while I gently explore your body with my fingertips. Wow, am I turned on!

7. I was just thinking about laying you on the bed and giving you a warm oil massage followed by... hmm, we'll just have to see.

8. Take a hot bath and wait for me in bed. I'm going to let my fingertips travel up and down your body, begin kissing you, and then show you how much I love you.

9. I bought something special for you today, but I can only wear it in the bedroom!

10. Meet me at ______ restaurant around 6:00 PM. I'll be the sexy one sitting at the bar. Maybe I'll let you pick me up.

11. Have I told you lately how proud of I am of you and how amazing you are to me and the kids (if applicable)? I think you deserve a treat tonight.

12. Tonight I made your favorite dinner. The candlelight and music should give you a clue as to what's for dessert.

13. I have these three sexy outfits but can't quite decide which one you'd rather take off of me later... help me decide!

14. I'm really feeling sexy tonight....any ideas on how you and I can take care of that? BTW, something naughty might be nice.

15. I've decided you need a good back massage tonight....what I'm thinking about doing to your front, however, is what’s really turning me on.

16. I'm sorry you're having such a bad day. Let me ask you this: Does the thought of having crazy monkey sex with me tonight help at all? Just checking.