Don’t Let Love Passover You This Spring

Dating Coach: Finding A Relationship During Passover Seder

Don't be shy about expressing your desire to find a relationship!

In the Jewish faith, Passover is a time of great celebration as people come together to remember being freed from slavery in ancient Egypt. If you're Jewish and single, this is a great opportunity to meet new people because religious holidays provide the chance to socialize. And any social outing helps you expand the number of people you know.

As a dating coach, I often discuss the various ways to meet new people. Here’s my quick list of six strategies to meet single men:

  1. Online dating
  2. Singles groups
  3. Singles dances
  4. Speed dating
  5. Matchmakers
  6. Blind dates

Of course you could meet a single man anywhere including work, school, through friends, and even at the grocery store. But I advise my dating coaching clients to rely on the above list of six methods because you'll meet a lot more single men than you will through every day life.

According a study reported on by USNEWS.com, 19% couples met through friends and I’m thinking that also includes family. The Passover holiday offers a chance to get fixed up by people in your social circles. I recommend you try these four dating tips to line up blind dates for the spring:

1) Ask Your Family If They Know Anyone

Even though you might not relish the idea of your family prying into your love life, remember each person knows about 250 people. That means a large Passover dinner with 20 attendees provides access to 5,000 people or more! Of course they aren't all single, age appropriate or looking for love. But there could be a few who meet your romantic criteria given the sheer size of the group.

Some of my clients worry that asking to be fixed up makes them look desperate. Nothing could be further from the truth! To bring this up and appear confident, use this script, "Things are really good right now in my life and I'm ready to share with someone special. Do you know any single guys who might be right for me?" A request like this is seen as very positive since you are stating things are currently good in your life.

I have personal success with this since I met my husband by meeting his sister. I was out socializing and talking about dating with a group of women. Maureen (a friend of a friend) and I started chatting and after 30-minutes she suggested I meet her brother. Being open to talking about my desire for love and blind dates sure did the trick for me. Let me encourage you to be open to the idea that someone at your family’s Seder table might know a nice guy for you.

2) Go to a Friend's Seder

To mix things up, go to a Seder at a friend's house on the second night of Passover. By doing this you extend your social circles even more, opening up to a new group of contacts and the 250 people they know. Don't be shy about this — many people are thrilled to hook singles up. It's a mitzvah (good deed)!

3) Attend a Seder at a Temple

Some synagogues have a Seder for the congregation, which is yet another opportunity for blind dates! Once you practice your request to be fixed up, you can start to share it with even more people. You might be bold and try another temple in your area instead of your own.

4) Volunteer for Community Outreach

Your synagogue or another in the area might be organizing some form of social outreach. Whether it's a food drive or some other type of program, offer to help. You never know who you might meet when you help others and at the very least you know you have made a contribution to the community.

Your willingness to ask for help and talk about finding love can be one of the best strategies to meet the right man and fall in love. Don't hold back or be shy about it. The yearning for partnership is a basic human need. The more people who know, the better your chances of finding "The One".