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About Pascale Aline Bertoli

I am a psychotherapist and a professional coach educated in France, Australia, and America. I  hold qualifications and degrees in coaching and counseling and am only a few months away from defending my Doctoral thesis in Psychology. I am a seasoned, third-cultured expatriate who has   lived in several countries across Asia-Pacific and the World over the past 25 years, including North America, Australia-New Zealand, Europe and Asia.  I have vast experience in most international and relocation issues, and offer counseling and coaching services to clients from various walks of life.

I blend traditional methods in cognitive therapies,  with other techniques and modalities such as Biofeedback,  Mind-Body Bridging (MBB) and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR). I help individual clients and groups resolve issues relating but not limited to performance enhancement, personal relationships, traumatic stress recovery,  and more.  My  unique combination of various techniques promotes long-lasting changes and maximizes the efficacy of the coaching and counseling processes.

I hold regular seminars and training programs in stress management, mindfulness, performance and communication issues, and traumatic stress recovery. Because of my strong background in organizational psychology, some of these programs are specifically tailored and readily applied to work place settings. I have authored a workbook  based on mindfulness techniques  designed to rapidly bring coaching and counseling client 'in the flow' and allow them to discover and tap their unique strengths and resources.

My favorite activities in my spare time are practicing and teaching yoga and growing an organic produce and medicinal plants garden. I am also busy contributing to  various charities and do a lot of climbing,white water rafting and outrigging.

I am a member of the APA,  American Psychological Association, and my  practice adheres to the APA,  and ICF codes of conduct.

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