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“Your beliefs become your thoughts,
Your thoughts become your words,
Your words become your actions,
Your actions become your habits,
Your habits become your values,
Your values become your destiny.”
― Mahatma Gandhi

About Chuck Hancock

I'm passionate about helping people release and move past fear and limitations to discover their true desires and fully experience life. An important path to this is through authentic and intimate relationships.  As a registered psychotherapist and National Certified Counselor in Colorado, I'm able to help people safely explore deep core issues and find ways to walk through the healing process with strength, grace and true growth.

It's extremely important for me to create open, authentic relationships with my clients to help them through personal, career or life struggles. My sessions are about opening up and exploring the truth, and my approach is much more dynamic and experiential than a traditional counselor. I also like to incorporate time outdoors as part of therapy and treatment if clients are open to it, and find it's a very effective tool in shifting perspective and inspiring new thought patterns.

The most important part of my work is helping others explore and embrace their authentic selves through the five guiding principles of the Hakomi Method of Experiential Psychotherapy: Mindfulness, Organicity, Mind-Body Integration, Non-Violence, and Unity.

When people are mindful of their choices, the reasons behind those choices, and how they impact the bigger picture of life, it's the key that unlocks everything else. This is the focus of my counseling philosophy – helping people develop an open, honest relationship with themselves to find clarity, which is critical for heathy relationships with others and  creating a fulfilling life. And I wouldn't be able to connect with the challenge of the personal path in order to help others if I hadn't walked a similar path myself. It's why I'm so passionate about the tools and methods I use.

During my down time, I love doing yoga, meditation and other contemplative practices such as hiking and rock climbing. Each discipline has been an important part of my life for the last eight years, and helps shape the creative elements of my practice. I'm also currently studying men's issues, eco-therapy, and continuing to explore my own personal growth path through my own therapy, a men’s group, spiritual practices, and most importantly, through the intentional parenting of two young children with my long time partner Kelly.

In addition to the work I do indoors, I'm also a lead facilitator for the CSU Challenge Course, working outdoors with groups on personal growth, team building, group dynamics, organizational development, leadership, community and relationship building. 

Chuck Hancock Success Stories

Great Working Relationship

Men dealing with work related stress

"He consistently demonstrated the highest level of professionalism and integrity. He is extremely personable and makes each individual he works with feel valuable by connecting personally and drawing attention to his/her strengths."

Long Term Relationship

Women in complicated relationships

"Chuck is an amazing listener and great at helping people find solutions and working through issues. He sets people at ease and is always challenging himself to be a more knowledgeable and compassionate person. He has an amazing way of being and is a great counselor and human being."

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