The Silver Bullet Is Perfection. Fantastic Sex Toy For Beginners

The Silver Bullet is perfection. Fantastic sex toy for beginners

I have been talking about the silver bullet for years and years.... even before I got into the Sex Toy industry 7.5 years ago, I was telling my friends about the silver bullet.

I own MANY sex toys. I own rechargeable toys from Lelo, I own most of the rabbits, beavers and other toys made by Vibratex. I love the vibrators made my Rock Chick and Fun Factory. Really - I do love them all.

But, everything always comes back to the silver bullet. In fact, most sex toys are a version of the silver bullet. When you see a Rabbit Pearl, it's got a silver bullet (or something similar) in the rabbit ears that provides the clitoral stimulation. Same with the beavers and dolphins of the world.

It's small, it's discreet, it's fairly quiet. It's not my personal favorite - my personal favorite is something called th 5 Speed Bullet and the Mystic Wand by Vibratex. But, I think the standard, simple silver bullet is perfection. And, it's perfect for most lives and lifestyles.

I love it so much, that I offer it for .01 penny on my very tasteful online sex toy store, . If you spend $45 or more, you get free shipping and you can add a Silver Bullet for .01. Or, you can pay for the packaging and shipping and by it from my micro site which is called and you pay about $13.00 out of pocket.

I even have an article on the Free Silver Bullet site which will teach you the 13 Ways you can use your own Silver Bullet.

It's my mission to make sure every woman in the U.S. over the age of 18 has a silver bullet of her own. It's such a perfect little toy and can be used alone or incorporated into partner sex. I love it. Can you tell?