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About Christy Graham

I am here.Denton is my town where I live wtih my husband of 17 years and 3 children. I work in Corinth, just south of there, and worship at a church that has campuses across the Dallas Metroplex.  I'm also an Aggie and a graduate of Sam Houston, so I've been all over Texas.

I care: At 16 I wrote in my life goals: to work with people who were discouraged, hurting, and wanting to grow. It is a passion  and it shows. My licensure requires updated CEUs, but I am constantly reading as well.  Sharing what I have been reading is lots of fun and an easy way to help others.

I understand: I have a lot of training and degrees on the wall, but I struggle with family and relationship issues just like everyone else. I've learned a lot from my mistakes and successes and the mistakes and successes of my clients. Let me share these lessons with you!

I hear: My job is a part-time job and a fultime passion. Email me, call me. If I don't know the answer, chances are I know where to get it or how to find it. You can go online to schedule a time to come in and talk [Yes! Face to Face] or you can call.

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