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About Christy Graham

I am here.Denton is my town where I live wtih my husband of 17 years and 3 children. I work in Corinth, just south of there, and worship at a church that has campuses across the Dallas Metroplex.  I'm also an Aggie and a graduate of Sam Houston, so I've been all over Texas.

I care: At 16 I wrote in my life goals: to work with people who were discouraged, hurting, and wanting to grow. It is a passion  and it shows. My licensure requires updated CEUs, but I am constantly reading as well.  Sharing what I have been reading is lots of fun and an easy way to help others.

I understand: I have a lot of training and degrees on the wall, but I struggle with family and relationship issues just like everyone else. I've learned a lot from my mistakes and successes and the mistakes and successes of my clients. Let me share these lessons with you!

I hear: My job is a part-time job and a fultime passion. Email me, call me. If I don't know the answer, chances are I know where to get it or how to find it. You can go online to schedule a time to come in and talk [Yes! Face to Face] or you can call.

Christy Graham Success Stories

Play Therapy


I highly recommend Ms. Graham's services as a play therapist. She saw my daughter for play therapy and gave great insight and adivce to me on how to handle the situation at hand. I have contacted her several times since these visits for her opinion on various occasions and have found myself going back to things she told me over a year ago when dealing with new situations as they arise. Ms. Graham is fair, honest, direct and insightful. I sincerely believe she sees each child as the individual they are and tailors her approach to fit the need, prayerfully considering all parties involved. As a parent, it is sometimes hard to listen to someone else give you advice about your child. However, I am so glad I trusted Ms. Graham and have been truly thankful for her guidance with my daughter.

Child well-being


Ms Graham is an awesome lady. Her main concern is the well being of the children. In our case, I can say that she saved my children. I recommend her to anyone. She took the time to understand us and the complex situation we were in. She was there when we needed her at a terrible time. She guided me thru these hard times so the children would not hurt as much. Even thou the scars will always be there, thanks to Ms Graham, we are able to heal well.

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