Are You A Perfectionist?

Ever since I was young, I've had this unending desire to be perfect. Now, I've read the posts and articles that state that perfection is the lowest possible standard to set for yourself, and you know what?

I call BS.

For in striving for perfection we are, typically, in a constant state of self-improvement. And while it can be argued that self-improvement is also BS, I don't think the betterment of oneself and one's self-esteem is ever truly bad.

While my original reasoning for wanting to be perfect stemmed from a desire to be wanted, loved, and dare I say adored by my parents; as an adult I realize that perfection is not possible.

However... I submit this for your consideration...

When a craftsman creates, he puts his highest and best intention into the piece. If it is a piece of clay, he may work the clay, then destroy the piece many times before he calls it 'done' and a masterpiece. No one desires to put forth mediocrity. if the craftsman is not a master, how can he be expected to put forth masterpieces? The vessel is the best that the he can create. When he pulls the clay from the wheel, or the pot from the kiln, it is the best he can do. And if it is not the best he can do, he starts again.
So who does the judging then?

It is said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. We with our small and limited, skewed and uninformed opinions, decide what is and what is not perfect. We take what the master has created perfect in his eye, and label it imperfect. But who are we to know what the master was trying to create when the vessel was made. A pitcher and a bowl have similar qualities and in some cases may be used interchangeably. Neither one is imperfect.

More often than not, what we see as imperfection is not a true failure in function, but a misinterpretation or misunderstanding of the creators design.

The creator may fashion a glass, cylindrical, and perfect, and then place a thumb deep into the vessel's side, therefore "ruining" the thing. To the unaware and unknowing, the vessel is broken, or ugly, or imperfect. Only the maker knows that the dent is intended to make the vessel easier to hold. If you were expecting a completely cylindrical cup, you would be disappointed with the piece. If instead you were looking for what the Maker might create, you might love the creative genius manifested in the glass with a thumb dent.

My point

You do not know the design under which you were created. You may not even know your full function. The fact the you are here proves that you were deemed worthy even if you've never seen your worth or feel worthy yourself.

Perspective is everything.

Do you struggle with perfection? Please take a moment to view this short video where I talk about perfection.
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