4 Quick Ways To Pamper Yourself


How many times have you dreamed that you could take a second during your day to pamper yourself? Between work and home life pressures it seems we hardly even have time to brush our teeth, let alone sit down to put on a facemask. Yet, women don't realize how easy it is to spoil yourself by doing something as easy as turning on your shower.

Estiticians have advised that adding a few extra products to your daily beauty routine has great benefits to your skin and hair. Yet, most of us have a hard enough time remembering to take our makeup off at the end of the evening. As a makeup artist, the main complaint I heard from my clients was, "I never have enough time to take the extra step and spoil myself ." 16 Essential First-Date Tips

With a few adjustments, taking the time to baby yourself is as easy as adding some additional products to your shower. These tips will help you pamper yourself without sacrificing your time.

  • Hair Mask: Before you shave, apply a deep conditioner on your hair, especially concentrating on your ends. Most deep conditioners work within 2-3 min, and penetrate even quicker due to the heat of the shower. By the time you are done shaving, you have given yourself a great hair softening treatment that helps to prevent frizz and split ends. I adore Moroccan Oil Hair Mask
  • Face Mask: Once a week, place on a facemask the moment you step into the shower. A few companies make masks especially for the shower. They work with the heat of water to deeply and quickly give you the benefits of a twenty-minute facial in just three minutes. St. Ives and Olay are great ones to try. 16 Biggest Health And Beauty Benefits Of Having Sex

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  • Body Wash And Exfoliation: Combine the two! Mix half of your favorite body wash, and a thick-grained body exfoliator together to get the benefit of both. Use a loofah, or natural sponge to apply. Fresh makes an amazing exfoliator.
  • Self-Tanner: Immediately after your shower, mix two pumps of tanner in with your lotion. It will dilute the tanner, making it free of streaks, and give a boost of color to your normal lotion. This also prevents the dreaded self-tanner smell.
  •  Extra Moisturizer: Add a few drops of baby oil, olive oil or almond oil into your shaving cream. This will provide additional comfort to your shave, and make your legs ridiculously soft. 10 Steps To Smooth, Flawless Skin

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