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About Sarah Kowalski

I’m Sarah Kowalski, a Single Mother by Choice, Life Coach, author and founder of Motherhood Reimagined.™  I coach women who are contemplating single motherhood, having fertility issues or raising donor-conceived children so they can put down their fairy tale image of how it's supposed to be and embrace their unique path. I empower women to cultivate the love, courage and tenacity it takes to follow an unconventional journey.

I began helping women navigate motherhood after I was forced to let go of the dream vision of my life, and embraced a path to motherhood I never imagined.

My work with mothers to be and mothers combines a life-long passion for women's reproductive rights and my training as a life coach, mind/body healer, lawyer, patient's rights advocate, childbirth educator and postpartum doula.

Through my one on one coaching, support groups and informative blog posts, I help women do whatever it takes to become a mother --whether that means becoming a single mom, utilizing IVF or other Advanced Reproductive Technologies (ART), such as egg donation, surrogacy or adoption.  My clients call me a "treasure trove of information and support for single motherhood and fertility issues."

When I'm not helping women navigate sperm or egg banks, you can find me running interference between my 3 year old son and my two 70 pound dogs, cooking up a delectable stew, having impromptu dance parties with me son or singing along to the radio.

Buy my book, Motherhood Reimagined: When Becoming A Mother Doesn't Go As Planned anywhere books are sold. Join my Private Facebook Support Group for discussions and support on everything from single motherhood, fertility, egg donation, vacation IVF, and sperm donors. Or join my mailing list at Motherhood Reimagined.

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