3 Ways To Love Yourself First This Valentine's Day


Whether in love or seeking love, recycle this Valentine's Day into some serious personal pampering!

Do you love Valentine's Day or do you wage a war on all things red and pink as the day of love approaches? It was less than four days after Christmas when I saw the first virtually all red shopping aisle infused with splashes of pink and fuchsia. My tree was still up, its light timer was still active and I hadn’t eaten all of my red and green m&ms! Seriously... we hadn’t even celebrated the New Year! Yet despite the scores of people likely struggling to recover from the winter holiday roster... —red, pink and white wrapped candy, teddy bears of various shapes and sizes along with gigantic hearts enveloped entire sections of every market and pharmacy I entered.

Well as one woman who never really cared for Valentine’s Day, only to marry someone who insisted we tie the knot on Valentine’s Day —after my divorce I learned the most precious way to spend Valentine’s Day... loving me first. I say, instead of seeking someone to do for you, why not ask what you can do for you. —Then do those things regularly, starting with a fabulous post V-day pampering!

Here’s my top three list for loving you first after Valentine’s Day:

1. Pick yourself up a gorgeous bouquet (or two, or three) of flowers. There’s nothing like the sumptuous aroma of Spring to put a subtle freeze on those winter doldrums. Spread them around your bedroom, living room and bathroom sink area to remind you of just how fabulous you are —after V-day, you’ll find the prices of roses and flowers of all kinds slashed by at least 75%!

2. Sweeten your palate with the tantalizing taste of your favorite chocolate. The stores completely over stocked their shelves in hopes that men and women everywhere would feel compelled to prove their love through various cacao combinations. Hearts, bears, bars or bags of your favorite miniatures... take your pick —they are all on sale!

3. Spoil yourself with some bargain bling. Regardless of your budget, with Valentine’s Day in the rear view mirror and the winter holidays at least 9 months away, sparkly options in all price ranges abound! When was the last time you saw Kay jewelers pushing diamond bunnies? Check out the left over merchandise in case there’s anything that suits your fancy —then negotiate skillfully!

Don't forget that no matter what a holiday calls for, you've got to the power to spend it any way you like. If you’re without a plan for this cupid’s day, you can always light some candles, pick out a nice bottle of wine, bring home some take-out and celebrate the fact that no one is judging whether your V-day choices stood up to the Hallmark inspired expectations. Visit me at my website for specific ways you can begin putting you first for greater satisfaction all year long —and peruse the store fliers so you can scope out the post Valentine's Day deals you'd like to scoop up. Oh, I almost forgot, Happy Valentine’s Day!