Being Single On Valentine's Day Doesn't Define You UNLESS You Let It

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Don't Let Valentine's Day Define You

Hating the day only hurts YOU.

Perhaps your love life hasn't exactly worked out the way you planned. Maybe you went through a rough marriage, had a number of challenging relationships with precisely the wrong partners, or situations in your love life make you think there just isn't a love match out there for you.

And now Valentine's Day is coming up, which often makes your situation feel even worse. Not only do you have your own feelings to contend with, but when you peruse Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, all you see are endless photos and posts of, "He got me roses! I love you, Baby!" or "She got tickets! Yes!" All this causing you to reflect on a simple fact: You're not in a relationship right now and love sucks.

I understand. Really, I get it. But, please consider this: A relationship does not define you. It can complement you, but it doesn't define you.

Maybe today it feels like the prospect of finding love is crap. I hear you. Being around others who all seem in love with someone else can conjure that. If you feel that way — it's OK, feel it. Feel the anger and bitterness that stems from a past relationship gone wrong.

But while you're doing so, please recognize a couple of things:

  1. Valentine's Day is just a day on the calendar. While it's rooted in history and legend, it's still just a day.
  2. Give yourself a time limit for your feelings. It's OK to feel pissed off, but don't harbor those feelings for long periods of time. A closed heart not only breeds anger and resentment, it can never receive love.
  3. Not all relationships are the same. Although it may feel like all men/women are the same, they aren't. There are great men and women out there. Just because you don't have a date today doesn't mean that you'll remain loveless forever. Try to keep things in perspective.

Above all, please know this: Broken hearts heal, but they don't heal through anger; they heal through recognition. They don't heal through regret; they heal through reflection. They don't heal through feelings of failure; they heal through acceptance. And, moving on is not about blame; it's about surrender.

Don't spend your time regretting your past relationships, even if they were bad or challenging. Everything you've experienced is a prologue to this moment, and here you are ... still standing. Every situation in our lives makes us bitter or better, and you can choose which at any time.

Whatever happened in the past, you can't change it, undo it, or forget it. Instead, embrace it and move on. Bottom line: You win some, you learn some.

Great love is out there, but it might not appear until you let go of your past. Anything else is allowing your past to control you, and there is no use in looking back unless you plan on going that way.

Valentine's Day or not, it will be a beautiful day if you so choose.