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About Cena Block, MS, CPC, COC

Certified Productivity/Organizer Coach (CPC & COC) for ADHD Professionals & Entrepreneurs: Productivity | Career | Time | Work-Life Balance

I work with high performers, professionals, and entrepreneurs with ADHD. If you're a mom entrepreneur or high performing professional who is distracted, overwhelmed, and feeling lost in the shuffle, let's talk. As a Certified Productivity Coach (CPC), Certified Organizer Coach (COC), and Productivity Consultant, I can help. 

I wear 3 hats: Coach, Business Consultant, and Professional Organizer. Together we help you slow down, develop curiosity and pivot toward useful behaviors. Weekly sessions help you create steps forward.

ADHD brains work differently than neurotypical brains.  With ADHD on board, you need scaffolding, safety and clear context to help your brain function at its best. While freedom and flexibility energize you, routines and systems help cut chaos. With ADHD, working with a Certified ADHD Coach is essential. Together we build awareness and improve your results. You learn to recognize how ADHD is at cause in your life. You'll build quality time for yourself, family, and your passions!

If you're distracted, overwhelmed, and feeling lost in the shuffle, let's talk. I am the CEO of SaneSpaces.com and creator of the Time & Space Style Inventory™, the only online productivity personality tool for time management and organizing personality styles. With 30 years of HR & OD background, I offer ADHD Coaching, speaking, consulting, and training for corporate and non-profits.

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