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About Cathy Pagano

I am a Jungian-trained psychotherapist, astrologer, storyteller and Wisdom coach. I am the author of Wisdom’s Daughters: How Women Can Change the World, a symbolic, mythic look at the image of Lady Wisdom as cosmic, Conscious Woman -- ‘a Woman clothed with the Sun, standing on the Moon & crowned with Stars’, the Goddess-energy that can change our world.   And I am the author of Stories of the Earth, a book of spiritual tales of the 8 Gateways of the Wheel of the Year.

In addition to my B.A. in Religion & Philosophy from Colby College, I have a Masters in Counseling Psychology from Goddard College, where I studied the Psychology of the Feminine Psyche. I also trained for three years at the C.G. Jung Institut-Zurich, where I learned how to work with and interpret dreams as the path to Individuation.

I am also an internationally known astrologer, writing bi-monthly newsletters on the archetypal meaning of the New and Full Moons called The Cosmic Story, which also appears on the progressive news site opednews.com  I am also a contributing blogger on Astrology.com--a part of iVillage.com and am the resident astrologer on Karen Tate's Voices of the Sacred Feminine radio show.

I work as a psycho-spiritual mentor based in the Wisdom tradition of the Sacred Feminine.  Working with dreams, mythology, archetypes, feminine spirituality and symbolic language, I coach and counsel both women and men to help them connect with their inner being and with each other.

I help people understand relationships--both their relationship to their own inner being and their outer relationships. Using astrology, I can help people understand how they use their energies and deal with unconscious complexes.  When I work with couples, I look at both of their astrology charts to understand how their energies work together and are at odds.

The focus of my work is to help people individuate—become their own original Self.  Knowing yourself is the most important gift you can give to your mate.


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