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6-10 years


Galloway OH 43119 - United States



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Author, Business Coach, Money Coach, Personal Development Coach, Spiritual Coach

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I believe in creating relationships based on trust. Once trust is established we can transform lives together.

About Cathy Brown

I am a Life Coach, Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master Teacher, Creating Money Coach and best-selling author.

In addition to being an active participant in metaphysical studies for over 30 years, I bring a wealth of business building and entrepreneurial experience to my coaching and writing. I Hold a Master’s Degree in Business Administration and have developed several successful businesses.  I combine the spiritual principles and pragmatic business experience developing a unique perspective for client transformation.

My best- selling book, ACT: Align-Connect-Transform, Discovering the 5 Foolproof Steps to create the Life You Want offers a fun and simplified take on ancient metaphysical principles, blending humor and life experiences to guide you on your journey to transform your life.  It’s a fun and exciting trip, and there are no limits to what you can achieve.

 My powerful coaching focuses on…

Finding clarity in your goals,

Creating financial abundance,

Knowing and living your true authentic self,

Discovering how easy and fun it is to work with the Law of Attraction

Feeling a growing connection with your higher self and the Universe,

Finding peace and fulfillment by finally taking control of your life     

Coaching Specialties are:

Personal Life Coaching - I coach “in the moment” which means our entire session is devoted to what you want in your life. Whatever is your current priority becomes our focal point. I respect the fact that you are the EXPERT on you! I will guide you in adopting beliefs, thoughts and attitudes that support you in achieving the outcomes you desire. Together we will use processes, tools, techniques and strategies based on Universal Spiritual Principles to release blocks and plan for your success and growth. I provide you with personal accountability and help you see things from a different perspective while “holding your vision” when “stuff” in your life may interfere.

Business Mentoring - Personal coaching sessions focusing on business plan development, ideal client selection, marketing, website content (if desired), presentations, joint ventures, …whatever is needed to get your business up and running. We start from where you are and grow from there. Together we will develop your confidence, knowledge and momentum.

Discovering Your WHY…Your True Authentic Self - Knowing your WHY is like turning on the lights to your behavior. You gain instant clarity, like being reintroduced to yourself. When you know your WHY, you begin to understand why you made the choices you made, as well as the choices you will make. You know what your value is, what people can count on you for, what you bring to the table. You understand your true authentic self.

I have a compassionate, fun, humorous and down to earth writing and coaching style. This allows me to break down challenging concepts into bite-size understandable pieces so you can use them in your everyday life. I am a knowing teacher, a trusted mentor/coach and a believer in miracles.

I offer personal coaching, online group classes and “Discover Your Why” sessions.  I have personally experienced the wonders of the Universal Laws and am truly honored share them with you.

You may contact me at Cathy@lifecoachingbycathy.com or visit my website Life Coaching by Cathy.

Check out my new Best-Selling book…  Align-Connect-Transform on Amazon.

Cathy Brown Success Stories

Praise for Cathy's Coaching...

 “I would be struggling on my own to make the strides I’ve made in a few weeks with Cathy’s help. It has truly been a gift from the Universe.” – Allisonmore

“Cathy is incredibly good at coaching. The time I have spent with her has been extremely uplifting and helpful.” – Tammy

“I am excited to continue my self -journey and keep learning. I am now able to see how far I’ve come. Thank you, Cathy, for helping me be a better me.” – Christine

“Thank you so much for such inspiring and helpful information. Your energy was just uplifting to me. You’re an awesome coach.” – Melody

“Cathy’s guidance was priceless to me and the knowledge that I gained is my tool to achieve my goals on a daily basis. Thank you, Cathy, so very much I know that you are always there when I need you.” – Gordana

 “Great sense of much needed clarity” – Carmen

“It brought me tons of self-confidence” – Helma


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