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Confidence Coach, Counselor/Therapist, Hypnotherapist, Spiritual Coach

About Carolyn Snyder

Anxiety, self-esteem, self-doubt and depression can be seen in 85% of the population.  This can prevent them from achieving the abundant life, career and relationships they want.  Experiencing, traumas, bullying, or just receiving mixed messages can cause some steadfast beliefs that can keep you "stuck".

After working in the government and private sectors, I felt there was more than just traditional mental health services that were needed.  I went on to open my own practice C. Snyder Counseling & Wellness, LLC in Palmer Township where my staff and I continue to help clients reach their goals and potentials through multiple modalities to help the mind, body and spirit.

Since the container of therapy practices is sometimes not enough, I have gone on to create alternative therapy programs including a deep dive into inner-child healing, and corporate mental health awareness and stress management to provide relief and healing on a larger scale.  I integrate my knowledge and training in mental health with modalities such as hypnosis, meditation and mindfulness, mental health integrative medicine, Qi Gong energy work, Shamanic practices, and intuitive work to achieve more profound results for those wanting healing of mind, body and spirit.

People have gone on to be freed from their prior beliefs and begin living their best lives when they have utilized these multifaceted approaches. 





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