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Career Coach, Confidence Coach, Personal Development Coach

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If you are always trying to be 'normal', you will never know how amazing you can be. ~ Maya Angelou

About Carole Stizza

Carole is an Executive Coach who connects leaders to their teams for increased trust, innovation, higher retention, and greater success and influence.

She is credentialed as a professionally certified ICF coach, a Senior HR professional, and a Strength Strategy Specialist.  Her educational background includes a Masters of Applied Industrial-Organizational Psychology and she supported moving a military family around this great nation for 26 years.  Carole understands the need for change for growth and the reactions to change, even when it's not wanted or intended.  Change management is built into her DNA. Her journey in change management began at the tender age of 6 when she lost close family members in a car accident and saw drastic changes in her life immediately due to loss.

Life, and work, can be messy.  How you respond to that mess is where your success truly rises.

By helping overloaded, yet motivated, leaders Get Clear on what they really want, Get Recognized in the ways that matter, and reap the rewards they desire at every level - for themselves AND their teams - Carole highlights where personal influence affects the greatest and best change.

Leadership is indeed an art - not a science or a checklist - and your relationships speak the loudest.

So often Carole hears from clients that the leader in them desires 
to maximize their current position and clear the way for the next promotion,
get more from their team and want a way to do it efficiently and
understand the balance between team care and organizational performance.
And yet, when Carole helps leaders poke into how to do these things, the challenges that get in the way can appear to be widely varied - yet all have a common theme - you want better.
We know you are still required to 
meet client requests and board expectations,
recognize and motivate your direct team, 
pay attention to your organization’s progress, 
develop new leaders along the way, and still
network and create a relationship for future business, 
Where do you find time to even figure out what you want for yourself?
Carole has been that overwhelmed yet motivated leader who wants to not only deliver for her team - but deliver for personal success too.  The balance between caring for the people on your team and the needs of the organization can seem at odds some days.  Defining what matters can feel .... muddied.
When people work with Carole, they 
Get clear on who they are, their value, and what that means, 
Get recognized for their work and how they engage with others.
Gain the rewards they’ve identified as meaningful and exciting
That means you come away with 
Embracing your unique strengths, advocating for yourself with finesse, and easily communicating your value
Using tools to reduce conflict and step into hard conversations with confidence
Limit taking things too personally and avoid the imposter syndrome
Spend more time with your family AND get your work done
And identifying the right opportunities and positioning yourself to attain them.
Relevant Insight has successfully coached 
executives and professionals into dream job roles, 
managers into leading with more influence with engaged teams, and 
*teams to communicate at a higher level of collaboration, respect, and valuing of each other.
Past clients say:
"I was promoted to director during the time that she coached me and I believe that choosing to do and see things differently made the difference."   E.W.
“I gained skills that enhance collaboration, and which allow me to achieve successful outcomes. I have gained confidence, and I became increasingly more productive in achieving goals and in managing unavoidable challenges.”  J.W.
With over 30 years of expertise in Human resources, facilitation, training and development, and conflict negotiation, Carole is positioned to coach you to the unique success that means the most to you and your team.  

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