Venus In Retrograde - What It Tells You About Love

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Venus went retrograde last Saturday and stays that way until the first week of September.

Venus went retrograde last Saturday and stays that way until the first week of September.

This only happens every 18 months, and lasts for six weeks.

When a planet is retrograde it appears to be traveling in a "backward" direction - but it's just an optical illusion created by the orbit of the Earth passing Venus on its way around the Sun.

It's also when a planet is closest to the Earth and so brightest in the night sky.

(Venus is the brightest natural object other than the moon in the night sky anyway - so bright that it's often mistaken for a  U.F.O. 

So go outside and look for it around dusk and dawn when it's most luminous. If it hovers over your head and little grey men beam you up to it, and then  give you "medical examinations," you in fact DID see a U.F.O. and not Venus... Ha ha.)

In Vedic astrology, we like retrograde planets because when a planet is retrograde its influence is STRONGER.

And it's commonly when anything under the "domain" of that planet is strengthened somehow or experience a breakthrough of some kind.

What's under Venus's domain?

Hmmm.... gee... let me think...

Only all the BEST things in life!


Anything that SATIATES the senses.

But here's the thing about being SATIATED...

It can be too much of a good thing. (See the list of Venus stuff again to see what I mean.)

When a planet is retrograde it gets more powerful. But this can cause a POWER SURGE and that can cause challenges if you don't have a "surge protector."

Because when a planet is "retrograde" it appears to be heading "backwards," this is commonly a time when things from the past come back.

Any unfinished business or issue we've been trying to avoid or "sweep under the rug" comes up and out to be exposed or seen in a new way.

So issues having to do with partnership would be especially "under the microscope" now, up for reevaluation and restructuring.

So all of us are feeling this.

What should you do?

Here's why I LOVE retrogrades...

Retrograde energy often causes us to have "the breakdown that proceeds the breakthrough."

You can discover something you didn't know or realize before that's very important to your relationship or love life - whatever part of your chart Venus rules.

(It "rules" the signs of Taurus and Libra, the natural signs of income and partnership - so your financial life is also likely being reevaluated now, or "taken to the next level.")

You can learn something important about yourself that you need to heal or address... or revisit an old pattern (or old partner) that it's time to get past, or get back to!

So a retrograde Venus can make you break up - or make up!

Taking your relationship to a deeper, more "powerful" place.

Or taking it to its limit...

(Just be careful - when Venus goes "direct" again on September 6th, the decisions you made while it was retrograde - or the connections or reconnections you made - wink, wink - could reverse themselves...)

If single, this can be when you realize your biggest love-blocking issues, and can finally get past them.

This isn't considered the best time to get married - retrograde planets tend to "halt" external forward progress - though it's commonly when couples DECIDE to.

Some astrologers will tell you NOT to change your hairdo, wardrobe, or landscaping and decor now.

I disagree. This is often when you find that DREAM deal - the perfect shoe, the perfect pants, the hair treatment you've been meaning to get for forever. 

So I hope I've helped you not be afraid of this special time.

You can leave the house. You can go on dates. You can flirt with strangers. Please do!


As I said, this is commonly when anything that needs to be fixed or healed can come forward.

So, if you're single, you can realize why and what to do about it.

And if you're in a relationship, you can get closer than ever.

Enjoy these next few ramped up Venusian weeks...

And may God and His planets and stars shower you with love!

P.S. If you have the Sun sign or rising sign of a sign "ruled" by Venus (Taurus and Libra), when Venus is retrograde you may have less energy. It's said this is like pouring the liquid out of a bottle - it's as though your vitality is pouring out... 

So be gentle with yourself, and give yourself extra self-care. If it rules your Moon sign, you may be more emotionally sensitive but may also have some deepened emotional insights.

To discover if you have the Sun, Moon, or rising sign in the signs of Taurus or Libra, go here.

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