What This Lunar Eclipse Means For You

The lunar eclipse effects our lives! Here's how.

What This Lunar Eclipse Means For You

If you've been feeling funky lately, it's likely because you were born on planet Earth! (And that you live in this solar system—I'm just guessing!)

Seriously: the planetary influences are intense now, and have been for a while.

Fortunately, they’re not so VIOLENTLY intense as they were in the summertime (so much so that I couldn't bring myself to write about it, and we saw DEVASTATING acts of violence all over the place with ISIS, Henderson, etc.) but they are every bit as important.


Let's start with the biggy, which happens tomorrow.


Tomorrow is the second of four total lunar eclipses (the first was in April) over-a-year-and-a-half period called "Blood Moons"—not because they awake a bunch of vampires or zombies that take over the world (though they might, I haven't heard...YET), but because the earth's shadow across the Moon makes the Moon take on a coppery red hue.

It will be visible in North America and other parts of the world (you can read all about it on astronomy sites, like Nasa's) from 1:15 a.m. Pacific time to 6:33 a.m.

In ancient times, eclipses were considered VERY SCARY things, and they are still believed to be bad omens. "Blood moons" are extra dramatic and beautiful, and attract astronomy buffs from all walks of life.


Astrologically, however, and according to ancient philosophy, it was recommended NOT to view them, as it's almost like bad luck to take in the sight.

So it's recommended to either stay safely inside or submerge yourself in the nearest river and chant prayers. (Here in L.A. where the "river" is full of God-only-knows-what chemicals and litter, this is a bit of an extreme move. We modern astrologers recommend hot tubs, or better yet, the nearest spa, instead! That is, if you can find one open at those hours...)

If you pay attention, you do typically find there is more social unrest, political upheaval, and natural disaster around eclipses. Of course astronomers think this is nuts and find eclipses fascinating, and would never miss the chance to view one. (The observatory here in L.A. had a wildly successful viewing party and reportedly had to turn away thousands last time…) Thus, career, love, and relationship advice for the eclipse are in order!

The Moon is CRITICAL in astrology—it has EVERYTHING to do with our emotions, attachments and relationships, and it's considered one of the influences that represents WOMEN and THE PUBLIC.


For those of us with feelings (yes, that was a joke!), the Moon is a huge player in our charts.

And when it is eclipses—ESPECIALLY TOTALLY eclipsed—it's confusing.

It can manifest in a million ways, but these are typical:

  1. More emotional sensitivity
  2. Confusion about what you want
  3. Mixed messages and misunderstandings with loved ones

Good things can come of this, too, of course. Because eclipses are a time of the "removing of boundaries" and blurring of lines between things, during eclipses you might experience this good stuff:

  1. Deeper spiritual understanding
  2. Heightening of intuition
  3. Greater insight or awareness

Spiritual practices can deepen now, and more direct communication with your HIGHER SELF or spiritual guides can occur. (Calling Dr. Bombay! If you just got that reference, let's go play Bingo at the Senior Center sometime! Haha...)


This eclipse should be extra spiritual, because it's in the sign of Pisces (according to Vedic astrology, which differs from Western astrology by almost an entire sign) and in the Vedic smaller "sub-sign" called Revati, which is translated to mean "the wealthy."

Because it's in a constellation of MONEY, watch out overspending now, and be conservative with investments. It will be interesting to see how the markets deal with it. (Saturn is about to switch signs at the end of this month, and that's always a vulnerable time for the stock market. So the combo of the eclipse in Revati, with the weakening of Saturn might make world markets experience some more intense volatility and drops than usual...we shall see!)

Whatever part of your chart is RULED by the Moon will be more vulnerable now, and has likely been a bit "off" in the last week, and may feel "out of gas" for the next week.

The way to determine this is to figure out what part of your chart (called a "house") contains the sign of Cancer, the sign the Moon "rules" in astrology.


That part of your life (and that "house" in your chart) is essentially experiencing a "power outage" now, so it needs more SUPPORT, patience, and love.

Here’s how to find out:

  1. Go to my "Chart Creator Page" and run your chart! (If you don't know your birth time, you can't do this—sorry! But you CAN figure out if your Sun or Moon sign is in Cancer, and that's also super important).
  2. Then, look at the chart on the right (both are the same chart, by the way, they are just shown in two different versions—the North Indian version on the right, and the South Indian version on the left).
  3. In the chart on the right, the number 1 is ALWAYS in the middle of the top section of the chart, indicating the first "house."
  4. In each of the twelve houses of the chart, there is a sign. In this chart, the signs are abbreviated to just the first two letters of the sign: AR for "Aries," TA for "Taurus," GE for "Gemini," etc.
  5. You want to find "CA" for Cancer, and then THE NUMBER in the same section that goes along with it, numbered 1-12.
  6. Here are the areas of life each house indicates (I told you this in April when there was a "blood moon" going on then, too, so this may look familiar!):
  • The first house: Your health, your appearance, your childhood (years one to ten).
  • The second house: Your family of origin, your income and the ways you earn it, your relationship to food.
  • The third house: Your younger siblings, your neighbors and colleagues, your creative projects (writing and performing and music, especially).
  • The fourth house: Your vehicles, home and tangible property, your mother or mother figures.
  • The fifth house: Your children, games and play, spiritual studies.
  • The sixth house: Competitors, adversaries, legal battles, health problems.
  • The seventh house: Partnership, the public.
  • The eighth house: Support from others, unearned money (inheritance, commissions, loans).
  • The ninth house: Bosses, mentors, spiritual teachers, your father or father figures, foreign travel.
  • The tenth house: Career and professional pursuits.
  • The eleventh house: Friends, older siblings, groups and organizations.
  • The twelfth house: Sleep, distant foreign lands and islands, expenses, places of retreat (hospitals, clinics, monasteries, ashrams, etc.).

Because the "ruler" of that house was just "blocked" with the light essentially "snuffed out," you may find that part of your life is more challenging, or less active for a while (though it may not affect ALL areas that house is "in charge of"—just one or two may experience it).

So, if it's your first house (like me!), you may have less energy, or may need to make an extra effort to look your best. (I've been having terrible insomnia lately, and had a touch of stomach flu last week. I looked like I’d been hit in the face with a bag of nickels. Good times!)

  • If it's your second house, you may feel like your diet has gotten unhealthy, or that your income has slowed down a little.
  • If it's your fourth house, your home may need repairs, or your mother may be going through a tough time.
  • If it's your seventh house, your partner may need more TLC, or suffer some sort of setback.
  • If it's your tenth house, your career may have a temporary slow-down, or stall.

Get it?

My hubby has the Moon "ruling" his eleventh house (friends), and his friends are a big source of concern for him now...

This stuff works.

Because this eclipse is ALSO during a time when Mercury is retrograde, Venus is a bit "pooped" by being weakened in Virgo and the Sun is headed into its least favorite sign next week on the 18th, we all need to be EXTRA careful of what we say and do.
(I'm going on a vacation to sort of "sit it out" in the best museums and pastry shops of Paris...how's that for a "coping" plan?)


Be sure to triple check all arrangements, try to not sign any contracts (until after Mercury goes direct again on the 24th), and beware of fighting and arguing and misunderstandings...

But this, too, shall pass!

Whatever is going on with you and your loved ones, know that with awareness, you can make the best of things.

The gift of eclipses is that they take us to a deeper, more internal place, and they force us to slow down.

The gift of Mercury retrograde is that it reveals to us what IS NOT WORKING in our lives, and forces us to correct or fix it (by taking "contrary action"—not doing the stuff we usually do that DOES NOT WORK...WHEW!)


So I actually LOVE the outcomes of both.

As ever, I don't share this stuff to cause you more worry or concern (eclipses make us all more sensitive as I said above, so that's the last thing you need me to do!), but instead to help you understand what's going on, and pay more attention (and stop taking it personally!).

This isn't a great time to make big decisions or commitments (either way—to break up, or to marry), or to meet someone new that could last. It's better to wait until next month to decide to break up or get serious with anyone. See if you still want to later on!

(Fortunately Venus, the planet of love, will be in way better shape as of Saturday, when it moves into Libra where it’s very strong and positive, so things will look way up...)


And, on the work front, because the Sun (the career influence) isn't so happy (and is partially eclipsed on October 23rd), try to lay low this month, and put off any big "launches" or new projects. This is a better time for spiritual pursuits than material, and for evaluating and completing things than beginning them.

This is an excellent time to get more organized, and let go of things no longer serving you or supporting you—whether they are people or circumstances.

Phew...as for me, I'm going to go PACK FOR PARIS...(I'll be sending missives from there—stay tuned! Ooh la la!!)

Until next time, may God and His NUTTY planets and stars shower you with love!


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