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3 Things To Know About Dating A Divorced Guy

What should you know about dating a divorced guy? Is it really THAT much more different than dating a man who has never been married? After all, they're both guys and the bottom line is, they are presently single. It's strange how the "label" of being divorced gets a negative reaction for some people, and that somehow there must  have been something "wrong" with the person. Divorce is often viewed as a failure, because for many, marriage is supposed to last forever. This is complete myth in my opinion, because there are many long-term relationships that "fail". So just because a couple said their vows in front of friends and family, it doesn't mean that there's something wrong with them, when their marriage comes to an end.

Don't be jealous of the relationship with his ex or his kids.

A common challenge with women who date divorced guys is they get jealous of their ex's and children. It's almost like the men are punished for having been married. If you're guy has a good relationship with his ex, this is something you should be thankful for! Remember that he is DIVORCED, and he now dating YOU! If he wanted to be married, he would still be with her.

Don't assume there must be something wrong with him, which is why he is single

Countless singles I've have interviewed have all described their relationship disasters! Those seeking the help of a professional matchmaking service are TIRED of the results their getting from online dating. If someone is single, it just means that they haven't met the right person...yet. There are millions of singles and the ones who have been in long-term loving relationships, were SINGLE at one point. It's crazy to feel that there is something wrong with YOU, or another person just because they are single. The association to being married as being "normal" is changing in today's society. Many people enjoy being single and when they are ready to look, the attitude should always be positive, open and honest.

Divorced men typically understand and appreciate the value of making a relationship work

After many people go through a break-up, many spend time on working through the experience and learning about the "mistakes" that were made from their break-up. It is recommended by many professionals, to take some time to heal and recover from a break up and deal with any hurt or negative feelings before moving on. By the time a guy has figured out what went wrong in the relationship, it's often already too late. Many men shared with me, that the next time around, they won't make the same mistakes. These men are better communicators and they express their emotions more openly. These men will TRY not to take their partner for granted, and be more attentive to their partners needs. And they will also be true to themselves, and not allow their needs not to be met, so their partner also knows how to love and appreciate them best.

So ladies, the most important thing to know about dating a divorced guy, is that it can be just as wonderful and successful as you choosing to date a man who has never been married; if YOU are willing not to judge him, be intimated by his ex or children, and also treat this new relationship with an open, positive and caring attitude.