5 Legit Reasons It's WAY Better To Be Single On Valentine's Day

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Benefits To Being Single On Valentine's Day

Singles have some definite advantages over couples on Valentine's Day.

You started seeing reminders for it on January 2nd, and you've been trying to ignore them ever since: Valentine's Day is coming. Since you're single, you're dreading having to be on the outside looking in at all of the romantic gestures the holiday demands.

But what you don't know is that singles have some advantages on this day. Here are five reasons it pays to be single on February 14.

1. There's no pressure to give a really great gift.

When you're part of an "us" on Valentine's Day, you're expected to make a bold, romantic declaration of your feelings. Where there are expectations, there's the risk of reality falling short. What if you buy the wrong color flowers? What if he hates the meal you cooked, or she doesn't like the jewelry you picked out? A day that's supposed to be about dreamy quality time turns into something that's nightmarishly stressful.

2. There's no need to drop serious cash.

All of those expected gestures cost money. If you're on your own, you can bank on saving some serious cash. True, singletons might shell out dough for some movies or a few cocktails, but that's still far less expensive than, say, a necklace or a fancy dinner.

3. You don't need to fake enthusiasm.

Some people just aren't that jazzed about candy hearts with sayings on them or pink and red decorations. Yet, if you have a significant other, you have no choice but to paste on a smile, turn the sweet nothings up a notch, and act like you think the heart-shaped lace doilies on the table are adorable. It would be so much easier to just be honest.

4. You don't need to make plans months ahead of time.

The aforementioned gifts and activities that make for a wonderfully romantic Valentine's Day require planning — a lot of it. If you wait too long, the restaurant won't have any tables available and the flowers will cost three times as much. Making V-Day happen means strategizing ahead of time, while all the solo people out there are relaxing, care-free.

5. There's a better chance to find love.

Valentine's Day is a great day to meet someone. After a few martinis, you might find yourself making out with the hottie who caught your eye across the bar. While you get a night of butterflies and witty banter that come with meeting someone new, steady couples are going through the motions of getting it on.

After all, that crazy amount of effort they put into the night needs to pay off somehow. It's comfortable, but not steamy; it's fun, but it's not unexpected. Therefore, things are much more exciting on your end. Don't you almost feel bad for your off-the-market pals?