10 Signs You Have The Kind Of (Healthy!) Relationship That Will Truly Last

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10 signs you have a healthy relationship

We all have some hope or dream that we will one day find "the one". As pessimistic as I may be at times about love or finding that one person I can be my total self around, I do have that ounce of hope that I’ll find someone imperfectly perfect for me and have the kind of healthy relationship that lasts a lifetime. 

Dating and relationships have changed significantly over the last few decades. Here are some relationship, dating and marriage statistics to give you a better picture:

  • New research shows that the older you are when you make your first big commitment — like moving in together or marriage — the more likely you are to have a successful marriage.
  • Cohabitation without being married has increased 900 percent in the last 50 years.
  • The number one argument in relationships and marriages is money.
  • In a study done in 2014, 20 percent of internet users who were either married or in a relationship reported the internet negatively impacted their relationship and 4 percent reported internet usage was good and bad in their relationships.
  • Twenty-five percent of people with cell phones in relationships have felt their partner was preoccupied with their cell phone when they were together.

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With all of the changes in modern dating, there are still ways and signs to tell whether or not your relationship is healthy. Trends in dating and relationships may change, but actions and behaviors remain relatively consistent over time.

Here are the tell-tale signs your love will last:

1. Their friends are your friends.

Their friends include you and welcome you to the group. Your partner is thrilled about it and wants you to feel comfortable around their friends.

Introducing you to their friends is a huge step in relationships and usually means they’re taking the relationship seriously.

2. You make each other laugh.

Trust me, this isn’t as easy as it sounds. Some people have dry humor that isn’t funny to others and some are plain goofballs which others may not find funny.

When you can both make each other laugh, it’s a sign of understanding each other at a different level.

3. Your arguments are constructive.

This means that you are able to argue about things while making it a productive discussion as well. There is no name calling or manipulation happening.

When there are arguments, something is learned from them and used to prevent anything else from happening, depending on what the argument was about.

4. You can have fun together doing absolutely nothing.

You don’t always have to go out to have fun. It means something very special when you’re able to sit around the house with your partner not doing anything major and still enjoying each other’s company.

It’s a different level of intimacy you experience when you’re together and not doing anything "out on the town". You get to see each other in a whole different light.

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5. They make you want to be a better person.

You both bring the best out in each other. You strive to be a better person every day because of them and the things they have taught you about life.

They don’t try to bring out the worst in you or make your faults and flaws known to the world.

6. You are grateful for one another and make it known.

You let each other know how appreciative you are to have each other in your lives. Not only do you tell each other how grateful you are to one another but you also show it by little and random acts of kindness.

7. You are intimate with each other.

You love kissing and touching each other whether it be a hug, cuddling or sexually. It’s almost as if you are still in the honeymoon phase of your relationship and it’s been 4 years that you have been together.

8. You discuss the future.

You’ll notice whether or not your partner constantly talks about you and the relationship only in present tense and not inclusive of the future. If your partner doesn’t involve you in future plans (such as future activities or outings), they’re probably not anticipating being with you for a while.

On the other hand, when your partner discusses the future with you and wants you to be a part of it and values your opinion on the future, you have a keeper!

So, how do you know if this is a love that will last? What does lifelong love look like? How do you know when to invest your time and energy into a relationship or kick them to the curb? How much time do you give before you kick them to the curb or move in with them? These are all valid questions to which I, unfortunately, do not have the answers to.

I wish I did but every person is different and every couple and relationship is different. Dynamics are different and while some enjoy moving fast, there are others who enjoy the slow movement of their relationships.

If your partner is showing the tell-tale signs listed above, they are a keeper and truly care about you and your healthy relationship.

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Brittney Lindstrom is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Certified Rehabilitation Counselor.

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