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There are events in each of our lives that are the pivotal changing points, and they are not normally the most pleasant experiences we have had. I was someone who was generally optimistic yet didn't really have direction. I didn't go to University and spent a number of years waiting to find what I was here to do. I was very sure that one day it would all become very clear. In the meantime I worked in various positions as diverse as a Head Hunter in London for financial institutions and as a veterinary nurse in Oman for a small local practice. However it was a relationship that caused the biggest change for me. The man, let’s call him Cedric was around my height and fairly attractive with dark auburn hair and bright green eyes. I thought he was the one, my best friend and lover all in one. However as times went on things didn't turn out as I had hoped and I often felt that I was walking on egg shells trying to keep him happy and losing myself in the process. I was very much a pleaser and took personal responsibility for his happiness or lack thereof. Have you ever felt like everything you do is wrong and no matter how hard you try you can't make things right? Like you are walking in a vast dark room trying to find your way out and someone keeps moving the door. Finally one night he came back after a party and attacked me while I was sleeping, he put his hands around my throat and tried to choke me. I would like to say that I left the next morning but I wasn't quite done learning my lesson, and by the next morning I had convinced myself I was the one who had done something wrong again! By the time I did leave I hated him and blamed him for putting me through all this pain. When I made the decision to leave, I also made another one which was I would learn what went wrong and never end up in the same situation again!! It was this this decision that has led me on the journey that I am now on and the pain that I had felt has propelled me through many challenges that I would otherwise have run away from. I now realize that it was not his fault at all and that I allowed it to happen, this realization set me free from being a victim and I am now truly grateful to him for the experience we went through, otherwise I would not have been compelled to learn about human potential.

From this experience I started a journey to learn how to develop inner power. I didn't want to use force as I had experienced firsthand how much pain and hurt that can cause. I also have a huge resistance to others telling me what to do! So I started to look for people that had already done it people like Gandhi, Jesus, Mohammed, Nelson Mandela etc. Learning has become one of my greatest passions and I have piles of books that I am reading constantly improving on what I know so that I can apply it to my life and share it with others so that they too can experience the freedom and success that is within all of us to achieve. I used to think that we couldn't really change who we were that there were things that we just had to live with yet now when I look back I find it very hard to even associate myself with the person in the story I just told you. We can change anything about ourselves we just need to know the right tools to help us do it and the determination to make it happen. I believe that we all have a gift, something special that makes us unique, however few of us have been encouraged to use these gifts and it can take great courage or pain to go against what others think in pursuing them. I have already walked that path and am now making my own reality. What I have learnt along the way can be applied to your personal life and within business. 

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