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“Long term committed partners/husbands and wives must make the time to turn off the world and focus on each other. Lock the bedroom door and really tune in to your beloved. Always be interested in the evolving nature and character of your partner. Keep deepening the intimacy – deepening the love – deepening the erotic connection between you. The joy of sex is the celebration of life! By focusing on sensual, intimate connection, everything becomes illuminated, and the love, joy and laughter spills out into the rest of your life.”

About Ande Lyons

Once upon a time… in a lifetime far away… the mere wisp of a thought of your beloved caused your heart to skip a beat and a quivering wave to hit you below the belt, melting you on the spot.

Remember that delicious sensation of anticipation?

Or those times when you woke up in the middle of the night with a yearning… an urge… a calling?

So - what happened? And are we really chatting about this in polite company?!

Hi, I’m Ande Lyons, and if you’re experiencing sexual rut syndrome or living in lost libido land - don't panic! You’ve reached the 911 for bringing back desire.

I’m familiar with the cry of ‘someone stole my sex drive!’ My darling man and I have been loving each other for 26 years and, after navigating ALL the turbulent waves of life events (see list below!), we’re still turned on and tuned in – with each other. Through a lot of research, testing and reading (MMMM!), I discovered delicious ways to reignite passion and keep the fires burning.

Bring Back YOUR Desire!

At Bring Back Desire we playfully and tastefully bring you all the good stuff. We help you (with or without a partner) break out of your routine, quickly increase your arousal and desire, and once again experience peak sexual satisfaction. Warning: you may start feeling a heightened interest while reviewing the site!

How, you ask? With all the things we women have going on in our lives – how do we get out of our heads and back into bed?

Reading is a terrific place to start.

Yup. Reading erotic romance literature is like feeding the intimacy sensors of your imagination (did you know women who read erotic romantic enjoy sex 75% more often than women who don’t ?!).

Along with finding the best, most effective reading material (love my job!), I culled through products, toys, and relationship reference materials and found some highly effective ‘resources’ that worked rather nicely for me, and I think they’ll make you very happy too!

Women are aroused by what they feel. The authors found at Bring Back Desire understand the female lizard brain and write very hot, sexy stories cushioned in love, cherishing and respect.

Take a peek – you’ll forget your hectic day and find sensational fantasies to add to your own playful, intimate moments.

Laugh out loud while reading The Desire Blog or watching my video series, The Daily Quickie, where I bring you terrific tips for romance and sensual pleasure, product reviews, and Lovologists’ advice on how you can reignite your passion and desire. (Did you know the older you get, the better it gets?!)

What’s on your menu? Will it be a spicy story, a luscious lubricant, a toy box favorite, or sensuous lingerie?

Whatever combination you choose to feed your appetite, trust me - the quivering waves of yesteryear will be with you again – only they’ll be better and stronger!

Got questions? Shoot me an email – I love listening and sharing!

Hope to meet you soon,


PS: Do any of these scenarios sound familiar?

“Honey, I’m ovulating at 3pm today!” Are you on a fertility schedule? Don’t turn it into a lab experiment. Set the stage to create some powerful orgasms while you’re creating that bundle of joy!

“Don’t touch me!” Are your precious treasure toddlers leaving you touched out? Get some lovin’ from the adult in your life – we’ll show you the way back home!

“Why Chromosone, Why?” Is the man in your life leaving you frustrated and too pissed off to feel amorous? We’ll help you remember why he’s the man of your dreams!

“Show me the money!” Is being out of dough affecting your libido? We’ll help you take your mind off those money blues and bring back your desire - abundantly!

“Teenagers!” Enough said, right? We have just the remedy for relief (must be 21+!) from those teenage wasteland moments.

“Call 911 – someone stole my sex drive!” Yup – those darn hormones are dropping faster than a rollercoaster. You’ll need extra special loving care …. we have all that and more!

“Four Funerals and a Wedding.” Death happens, physically and financially, and it stops you in your tracks. We’ve lost parents, babies, businesses and all our money. You can survive these horrible, difficult times and still be happily together with love, joy, laughter and very hot, satisfying sex – really.

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